International TV appearance tonight!

Hi guys! My name is Giovanni Bravo Ruiz, I’m from Puerto Rico and tonight I’ll be on Sábado Gigante, the worlds longest running show in history! I’ll be competing in a talent competition in the show called “Soy único” (I’m unique) against other talented individuals (some dancing, some doing magic, some doing weird stuff).

The show is live in the USA tonight in Univisión!

Special, special thanks go to those members who have helped me throughout my yoyoing!! I’m not the best player at all, but make yourself seen! Show-off your yoyoing and always be nice to everyone you meet! Even if they laugh at you! You never know what opportunities might pop up! The channel payed for my flight for Puerto Rico to Miami, they payed for a 3 night fancy as hell hotel and gave me TOO much money for “food”!

Special thanks to YYE, Yoyomad1001, GSquared (HSYY), Duncan, TwistedStringsz and YYF!!

Pretty sure I get Univision. I’ll check it out! What times does it air?

8:00 eastern.
Looks like the show lasts 3 hours, so dvr and ff time.

Ill have to DVR you. Sorry Doctor who season final.

If UFC on FX 8 wasn’t tonight then I would definitely watch. Hopefully I can find a link somewhere.

Update: I just switched over to the show, and the first contestant is a singing transsexual. Good luck man, I know you have the first contestant beat.

Update #2: I’m not fluent in Spanish and I just realized that there are different categories in the show. It would’ve helped had I read the OP’s entire post. Hope I can find a link on youtube.


I watch Sabado Gigante every week with my family. Awesome, now I can’t wait.

I’m recording it but still want to watch it live:) how far into the show will he be on? He probably won’t reply now but ill try to get a video up on YouTube for those that don’t have the channel

Just watched it, you did an excellent job! Looked great Giovanni!

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Ah crud. Are you east or pst? Did anyone put it on youtube?

Ah. I just saw you, pacific standard time. Awesome. What yoyo did you use? Looked kind of purple.

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Thanks for all your replies!! If anyone DVRed it please, please, please send me the video! =D

OMFG I couldn’t believe I did my routing ALMOST perfect. I forgot to take out the other two yoyos in case I made a knot.

I was using my all time favorite the SUPER G from YYF, with a Trifecta Bearing and Ammo String. Trifecta does a HUGE difference and the ammo string is just wow.