FLASHY EASY TRICKS for international TV!

Hey guys I was chosen to appear on iintenational TV this weekend! The program is called Sábado Gigante (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sábado_Gigante) and I am in a advanced yoyoing level.

I am in need of flashy easy to learn tricks!! They won’t be awed by the techincal ones! THANKS A BUNCH!

revolutions, skin the gerbil, skin the hamster, hashbrowns, hourglass.

I don’t know why, but people love a simple finger or inner ring grind, so you could throw those in there.

Eli Hops and Boomerang. Could line up some soda cans and boomerang them if you have any accuracy.

Smoothly-executed Zipper looks good, in my opinion. But it’s gotta be pretty smooth.

Magic Trick, if you can “sell” it with good showmanship (the crowd needs to notice that the string’s getting all tangly and should be surprised when you magically make the tangle go away)


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tricks that use any whip type mounts usually impress people.

Leg wrap Trap. Matrix, Mach 5

Snap start. It’s magic.

boing y boing


Sabado gigante is live right? If not, when is it airing? Is love to watch:)

Awesome! Do some eli hops
And some leg wrap trap stuff :slight_smile:

Ill be tuning in this is pretty cool.

gondala to 360 red triangle suicide

Banana turn over or some simple 5a

This is the video entry for the show. Let me know what you think of the couple of combos I throw in the vid. Of course I’ll be smiling and NOT wearing the YYF shirt (I don’t intend to give out a free promotion for them).

Looks pretty great to me. :wink: Many of the tricks are confined to the torso area; I would still suggest an Eli Hop or two (even just in transitions) to break out of that cage. But even if you don’t modify anything, I think it’s a very good looking showcase.

Smooth! And that’s the important thing; not doing the world’s hardest trick in a choppy way, but doing some moderately tricky moves in a way that absolutely conveys confidence. And that’s what you’re doing here.

Thanks for the comment! Right now I’m practicing my showmanship! Smiling, moving around while yoyoing.

I’m missing like 3 or 4 other combos in that video. One involves several intermediate tricks like Strawberyy and Mustard, some suicide from 1.5, ninja vanish etc.

My fav combo is partially seen in this video. I run several easy tricks on sidestyle (like 10 seconds of side) gyroflop and go frontstyle with zipper x2, boingy-boing x4, mach 5, bind regen to sidestyle!

Man, I wish I had more yoyo friends in Puerto Rico, we’re just two. lol

Certainly the video contains some absolutely great combos for people to steal. :wink: Flop to frontstyle and regen to sidestyle in and of itself is something I should swipe!

There must be more than 2 of you in Puerto Rico! Just like there’s gotte be more than 2 of us in Ottawa. :wink: The hard part is finding them…

Dude, I have several combos I’d gladly record and upload to youtube. None are very difficult.

“Gyiry’s easy combos”, not necessarily broken down or slo-mo’d, but just normal speed with a caption for each separate element… that’s something I could go for… :wink:

try some gyro flop to horizontal revolutions :slight_smile:

Ya upload some vids please. Maybe with Slow motion. Btw ur looking good with the tricks. And I also think u should do some Eli hops