Interesting... (CONTEST)

(????????? ??????) #41

When I pick up my Wide Angle, welp, there goes the whole day

(shubham) #42

What is Ocd?

(shubham) #43

EDC mean?

(ChrisFrancz) #44

Everyday carry bag…

(shubham) #45

Oh ok and Ocd?

(ChrisFrancz) #46

Obsessive compulsive disorder…

({John15}) #47

Obsessive compulsive disorder. It’s an actual medical diagnosis, which I don’t have, I was just referring to some of the symptoms. Such as a compulsion to have certain specific things a certain specific way.

(????????? ??????) #48

I will create a “what yoyo related thing gives you “OCD”” topic next since it looks like this is popular. Idk if it will be a contest


Do it!!! Otherwise I will

(????????? ??????) #50

Okay okay

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #51

This is soooo me.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #52

I would like to add to this.

I dont have monkey buff, so guess what i did? I rubbed my Zephyr 1 (glossy) with some YYF lube to see if it would grind, it actually worked :joy::joy: i did that like literally minutes ago

(????????? ??????) #53

Only one more week for entries people

(????????? ??????) #54

This contest is closed!


  1. shubham24121996

Congratulations to all of you!
You are all winners to me at least :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #55

The satisfaction of winning :joy::clap:t2: