Interesting... (CONTEST)


Personally; instead of using the same string forever; I constantly change to unused strings. And they work as good as new.


Buy 1 big Bang bandalores string theory string. You’ll be set forever :joy:


I just pick up the nearest string (measured) and use it


I used to have a straw filled with Vaseline that I used to lube (more like stuff full) bearings with for responsive play. Weird? Meh.

When I start new hobbies, I am extremely cheap. I tried to make response stickers with literal stickers. They weren’t worth putting on.

Run out of yoyo strings and have no thread to make them with: grab your trusty fishing line and hope for the best :+1:

Really want a new yoyo but don’t have money? Cut a tennis ball in half, drill holes on each side, and add an axel between.

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Pretty weird! WINNER!

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I’m not in it to win it. I change strings more than I have to so I can have the fresh string feel. I go to movie matinees once or twice a week and since I always have a yoyo with me I will sometimes hold it in my hand with the string on my finger. It’s comforting. I can throw at work but when I can’t I will sometimes pull it out of my pocket just to see it. It comforts me. Seriously. Maybe I should just get a girlfriend.


Washing is much easier to do with nylon string.

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I’m gonna try that this week.

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I tried to fit a C sized bearing in an A size bearing seat. The yoyo with the A size bearing seat broke ;-; (i was so stupid lmao).

I remove the bearings of my yoyos, and play them. I use them as fixed axles lol

I put petroleum jelly inside a bearing to make my yoyo more responsive. Worked really well though

Weirdest thing i ever did was,
Ok let me go from the top
so there was a kid me, who didnt know what bearing shields were. Soooo i removed and disassembled that bearing ಠ_ಠ
I lost one of the balls ;-;
I even tried to assemble it again

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Does this really work?

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Not sure, I’ve never tried it…


Some stuff

  • I used to apply baby oil on my plastic yoyos to hide scuffs (actually worked, but damaged plastic a bit)
  • Using strings until I snap them (or some threads break)
  • Tuning yoyos for a LONG time
  • Scraping yoyos on concrete to remove really sharp dents


I have done number 2 myself.

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Hey, great topic, see if you can get this person some more likes everyone!

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I don’t know if it’s a weird per se, but there are a couple of things that I am OCD about.

  1. I have to make sure that before I put down a yo yo, that it has a neat clean bind.

  2. One of the first things that I do when I get a new yoyo is put thread lock on one end of the axle. This helps with future tuning and preventing it from falling out if I have to take it apart.

  3. I try to get the maximum use out of my strings. If they start to get soggy, I will just switch my playstyle to more basic old-school tricks that don’t require a lot of fancy slacks and stuff.

  4. I HAVE to have a yoyo in my pocket pretty much at all times. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is. Forgetting to carry a yoyo for me is like forgetting to carry my wallet or phone.


I think that’s more “self preservation” than ocd. :face_with_head_bandage:

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I always like to get the max out of my strings as well. I am very cheap, I dont change the string unless I truly fear the string is close to breaking. Once i finally put on a fresh one, tricks feel so easy to do. It is pretty great.

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I often go to work and forget my lunch but I always remember to put two yoyos in my left pocket. One on a long lanyard that goes to the bottom of my pocket one on a yyf holster that sits at the very top of my pocket. I also always have my black Replay in my edc bag.

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More forum topics like this, please. This is a great thread and enhances the forum!


oh yeah i also have to nail a crisp trick and bind before putting a yoyo down

a great way to procrastinate hahahah