Interested in YoYo Shirts?


Hey everyone, I am thinking about designing so yoyo related t-shirts. For example, one that said “Don’t ask me to walk the dog.”(™) Would anyone be interested in such things? Please share your thoughts and send me your ideas for ones I should make. If you have a good idea, I will send you a free shirt (assuming I decide to go through with this). Thanks people.


AntiYo already had a shirt that said I don’t walk the dog, or don’t ask me to walk the dog. Can’t remember which :wink:

I’d rather have a shirt that said “ask me to walk the dog” ;D

(InvaderDust) #3

Id take one that said

“Yes I can walk the dog.
I choose not to.
It’s a matter of judgement, not skill.”


I’d take either of the two mentioned by Aaron and Dust :slight_smile: