Insanity- Chri$tyle 2 min 1 throw!

(UmeNagisa) #1

This is ridiculous
Most creative, Innovative slacks I’ve ever witnessed

Alex Fairhurst. You Will Enjoy this alot!

(2Sick Joey) #2

While this is quite awesome and massive skill, this combo isn’t really string hit intensive. The yoyo spends a lot of time off the string which isn’t exactly a proper showing of how it spins a long time. The things he does in the video are crazy and the slacks are nuts but as far as trying to prove that the Strix can spin through a pure 2 minute combo, I’m not convinced. His slacks are crazy and super good skill though. Just some food for thought!

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Oh get over it.
I got a similar kind of comment on my 3 minute combo a while back, and honestly, what do you humans want? The thing that confuses me is that if you look at Any of Chris’ past videos and even freestyles, you will see that his style and tricks in this video are the exact same as everything else, he’s not trying to “tone back” his style to “fake” a 2 minute, this is his true style. Similar to my last one, I didn’t tone back, I played like I normally do. and as soon as people see this happening, they try to point out how the video is “cheating” or “not true tricks”

People need to get over themselves and not be so nit-picky about things like this.

Just telling it like it is.



Bah, humans. Getting stuff twisted all the time. Amirite?

Anyhow, that was an impressive video! Wicked awesome slackity slax.

(2Sick Joey) #5

Your definitely not understanding what I’m saying. I never said he “change” his style to make this combo. All I was saying while he is impressive and that was a cool use of slack, if the purpose was to show that the Strix can handle a pure 2 minute combo with constant string hits then it’s not a clear representation of that. Give the Strix to Mickey or another fast/technical player and I will guarantee it wont spin for 2 minutes straight. That’s what I was saying. Not saying he isn’t a great yoyoer cause he for sure is. I just dont like when companies/players try and show people that these can spin for a 2 minutes combo. What would convince me is if it was a combo of constantly being on the string not sitting at the end of the string playing with the slack. Again awesome talent and a dope player. Not coming at him or his yoyoing just the idea of this yoyo spinning being able to spin through a pure 2 minute combo


That was sooo good. So much cool stuff on one throw. I love watching slack tricks and this was full of them. It’s fun to see it with all that continuity. I am impressed with this one throw and so should anyone.


Actually on stanley’s super humans it was proven that Mickey goes so fast that string hits don’t slow down the yoyo so I bet it’s possible

(Alex Fairhurst) #8

I just came here to see a video. Wasn’t expecting a shout out lol.

Joey is right about the yoyo not hitting the string much. Sure, it IS a two minute one throw. But there’s not much friction between the yoyo and the string. I’ve seen Slade Riggs do a two minute one throw with a Dreadnought. And my boi Andrew Robinson do a two and a half minute throw with his trusty JP. We all know how their styles are haha.

Those slacks were nuts! I would prefer it if the yoyo was moving with the slack at the same time, but still, this guy is crazy. I wish I was good at learning stuff just by watching because I would steal everything from this guy.

EDIT: I also wish I had the $ symbol in my name.

(UmeNagisa) #9

I think you should become
Alex Fairhur$t
Learn from this video!
I’ve been trying hard!


…and I got a two and a half one throw with the JP as well, me and Andrew just use that yoyo too much, haha.

I love long combos that is for sure and I have watched the video quite a few times and I just love it. No comment on string hits or altering style, it is just a good video with awesome yoyoing and it is a pleasure to watch.