Insane mail day (not mine however...)

Well, these aren’t mine, a friend is lending them to me for a month. I was only expecting one throw, the one I contacted him about, but he was super generous and let me try out six! Huge thanks!

First, an old Dif-e-Yo, an insight as to what model?

Next, a FH Zero, very cool looking:

Next, what appears to be a FH MG, plays surprisingly well, very well loved:

The first Oxy I’ve ever had the oppurtunity to play, an Oxy 4:

Next, an awesome titanium, made by our own Kyo, the Tirade. I can not say enough about this. I love how it’s undersized, and definitely underrated. Serial number 26 of 76 I believe:

This is what I originally contacted him about. I own a second run, and have owned another second run, neither play like this. While both play good, this is just unique. A true honor to play…

And a picture of the group:

I am super grateful to the owner for letting me try these out, it’s truly the result of a kind individual.

Can I be the next one to borrow thelm? ;D

I need new friends

The dif-e-yo appears to be a bare bones …

I think

the dif-e-yo is a tank…pretty sure. the barebones was wider…



Pretty sure it’s a Bone Chip. Tank has a different cup.

this is the perfect time to change your phone number/ address/ email…

Thought it was a bone chip but the bone chip has the single bone emboss in the cup …

This has no bone design in the cup

Hmmm…, I dunno. That looks like a Barebones Dif-E-Yo, too me.

Hmmm…I agree that’s a great mail day.

If you friend wants to sell that Tirade, let him know I have some loot over here. :wink:

I stand corrected. I believe you are right.

Bone Chip is what’s up.

Trust me TA, I’ve been trying to get that peak. I doubt he’s looking to sell anything, but it’s worth a shot. :slight_smile:

Bone chip has the distinctive half cross bone in the cup , which isn’t present here

I wasn’t saying it was a BC. Just saying I like the BC.

Oops sorry …

It’s a bone chip. Source: Bone chip I bought in 2006(?) sitting on my desk.

Looked up pictures of bone chips … Apparently they made ones without the bone emboss .

Yes, I am sure. It’s an early run bone chip, before the bearing seat redesign.

Oh mah lawdy, dat peak :o

Shame it’s so “well loved” (no offense, yoyos are meant to be played, especially a peak)