FT/FS - Dif-e-Yo BoneChip (unique ano), YYJ Trinity... Looking for trades.Offer!

Hello… Here are a couple of my throws that don’t get enough love!

Pictures are up! O0
Sorry for the crappy pic’s, I will post better shots as soon as I can! Or PM me and I will message the clearer pic’s to you once I get the shots…

I do have 100% positive feedback on another forum (YYN user name: BIG NIC)

- Dif-e-Yo Bone Chip - mint! - This is an anodized (looks blasted/very grindable surface…) really cool looking Black with pinkish/purplish, splatter/speckle looking acid wash …VERY Unique looking Anodizing! I have never seen another like it… may be RARE!! (anyone know the history… please pm me!)

- YoyoJam Trinity (Andre Boulay signature yoyo) - plays SMOOOOTH! - Gold anodized with scratches along the rims from 5A damage… This yoyo would look awesome with the rims polished!! …It would look very similar to the Dark magic and look really nice with polished rims, in my opinion! For those who don’t know, this is the full metal version of the popular YYJ Dark Magic and Legacy… This is a great playing yoyo!!

Damage shots, scratches along the rims… I will post better ones later! PM me if you need better shot messaged to you :wink:

MAKE AN OFFER… Looking for trades. I may be up to trade both of my yoyo’s for your 1 if you have something super to offer!
I work best through PM on here O0

Items traded or sold…

  • GONE - OneDrop “Ride the Lightning” Y-Factor - Painted by Brett Grimes (painter extraordinaire! ::cheers::slight_smile: 1 of a kind! - GONE
    This yoyo is way awesome looking and plays smooth! This Y-Factor use to be one of my favorite players but NOW with the awesome paint job I am too afraid to
    throw it and risk damaging this piece of art! Needs a new home… Offer…

  • GONE - mint YYJ Meteor Purple with mirror caps - Nice yoyo… it’s just not me! Offer… - GONE

  • FOUND!LOOKING FOR A MINT / GOOD CONDITION CLYW “Wooly Marmot” BOX and the box only please… FOUND!

everything is GONE :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry guys, you didn’t outbid this guy on the DNA :stuck_out_tongue: Great Trader