Insane mail day (not mine however...)

Yeah, it’s cool to see mint ones, but it’s cool to know some have been enjoyed.

I get the feeling that that Peak will “accidentally get lost” before it is to be returned to him. And by lost, I mean buried in your dresser.

I’m actually really impressed with the Tirade.

Update, the FH is not an MG. It is actually a metal FH done by atomic cow and Luke Vader 6 or 7 years ago.

The Metal FH is actually a special edition painted and sili recessed zero. It’d be the green one :smiley:

I noticed that all the yoyos are O shape

That’s true. I personally love the feel of an organic shaped throw in my hand.

Bit late to the party, but the green one is the metal like sparhawk said. Sadly it isn’t the blue one… AC/Vader did 12 of them in total IIRC, 4 of the reds (which were the least desirable!) 4 blues (which sold fastest and were prettiest!) and 4 greens. It’s got the usual vader stuff, and the fancy AC paint. Pretty nice throw.

The blue fh is indeed a FHMG, from like… 07? it should have the one side recessed (pads) and the other flush. The caps are not original. Bojack swapped out caps because the originals cracked. I guess Duncan didn’t design mg caps to withstand 4a drops…?

The dif is a difeyo bonechip from 05-06 or so. Back before the tank even came out. (gotta have love for Frank)

The Oxy4 was one of the pre other store sales. Oxygene sold about 100 oxy 4’s that were numbered. Then, they rereleased a run exclusively to a certain other store, without numbers. This thankfully is a numbered one however.

Tirade is what it is,

This peak, is one of 2 OG painted peaks that was not sold through a certain other store. It was listed as having vibe (the other one was considered to have massive vibe and largely unplayable) and purchased directly from Paul W. himself. The chips in the paint aren’t actually dings, but chips from poor shipping heh.

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lol i saw that bone chip and also wanted to post about it. actually NO bone chips had the “bone” in the hub. that was the updated model called the “x-bone chip”, which came out at the same time as the x-bones. they had the upgraded bearing seats. that’s definitely the original bone chip.

anyway, necro or not, that’s a super cool time capsule to have fun with! straight out of the early yoyonation days.

He had some good insight to the thread and it’s not insanely old. He gets a pass.

That blue Freehand is beautiful.