So I got a couple packages in the mail today...

Can’t believe I had to wait until 8:30 to play with them :o

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Nice. Lovin’ that H5xChief and its colorway.

Man, thats a good day of packages. I should be having one soon. I have my General Yo majesty and my CLYW FG chief and puffin all scheduled to get to me around the same time.

What’s the throw on the bottom right? The colourway looks great.


Gen-Yo Majesty.

And a beautiful one at that.

Plays as good as she looks :wink:

Where exactly did you buy it? Straight from Ernie at General-Yo? I understand if you can’t say the store name out of respect for YYE.

The color way on the H5xChief looks pretty sweet.

Sick stuff!



How do u like the majesty?

Pretty awesome. Best playing General-Yo I’ve played. The 6061 is like 2ish grams heavier, so I feel like it’s a taaad too heavy. But none of the 7075s are in this colorway :confused:

Let me take a guess judging from the throws and things seen on FB.

Aman Circus? He did the anno for the PM Majesties.



I know it’s pretty sick!

Oops…that’s how they got the regular colored ones.

So you got it straight from Aman, that means no engraving?