Dif-E-Yo ?

I am just curious… How many Dif-E-Yo fans are out there? I barely see them mentioned lately? Just thought I would show them some love. They deserve it! What is your favorite Dif-E-yo throw? Why?

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I love difs! I don’t know that I have a favorite but at the moment I have a tank, crossbones, zzzip fly, wideload, and a juggernaut. I’d like to get my hands on a gto and an overhaul.

My favorite Dif-e-Yo was a blue Diss-Kings Bare Bones I had… So nice.

If anybody has one of these, or a purple one, that they don’t mind getting rid of, shoot me a PM sometime. I’d love to replace that guy.

Crossbones. Love it!

I love my Difs. Not sure why they have fallen off the radar. Lack of marketing hype probably.

i am an avid fan and supporter of dif-e-yo yo yos.

my favorite would have to be my barebones - me and that yo yo go way, way back.

those that know yo yo - know dif-e-yo.



def the bare bones (cross bones is great too, but the bb was a go-to for me for at least a year).
mine is a diss kings purple (think i’ve got a raw one someplace too). such a great yo-yo.

Doesn’t seem like Frank is making them anymore.

My favorites are the Tank and the Juggernaut.

Well i don’t own anyof his YoYos. I tried a bare bones once and loved it. That purple is sick btw! I will say that his pads are my favorite in anything that will take them (all my Duncans have them). I don’t ever hear much of them tho. I didn’t know if he was shut down or if he was still in the YoYo business so I stocked up on pads for probably the rest of my life. Lol. Got like 40 pads and most my duncans have gone well over a year on 1 set. In fact it’s been 2 years on one and I think it might need changing cuz it is starting to slip binds about half the time. Long live dif-e-o.

This is hard for me to believe, but Frank still has a few of his serialized collector pieces for sale on his site…from the 2005-2006 timeframe!

Here’s the link - scroll way down the page to see what’s left (I just bought two of the numbered Orbiters): http://www.dif-e-yo.com/yoyos.htm

I love dif e yo…and My wide load still plays great! When it has Response in it, lol.

My first metal yoyo was a GTO, so Dif will always have a special place in my heart. I plan on eventually picking up another one.

sdhj,db …Sorry, my jaw hit the keyboard. Beautiful.