Anybody know what’s up with these guys?


I think they’re done. I haven’t heard anything for months about any new releases

Frank is a busy man. He has a lot of other things on his plate aside from yoyos.

They are one of the originators. I enjoy the two I have had for a couple of years.


It’s kind of a shame that Dif-e-yo isn’t really producing yoyos anymore. It appears we’ll just have to be happy with the mark Dif left on yoyo history.

Do they still make bearings?

The Wide Load I tried was woefully outdated. However, for me at least, the pads are are what prevented it from being at least a fun throw.

Frank makes quality yoyos.
He doesn’t subscribe to the flavor of the month marketing model.
When he thinks something is worth releasing/updating, he will do it.

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Frank is a very kind guy as well last month i talked to him about getting pads for my envy 64 because in my opinion they work better than Duncan friction stickers and last much longer. he sent me a bunch of all of them which was very very nice of him

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dif-e-yo is still in business…Mr. Difeo does not release yo yos, unless there’s somethin’ unique/dif-ferent to the design. rehashin’ the same design is not the dif-e-yo way. from my understandin’, re-releases (i.e. xbonechip) were done due to customer demand. profit margin was not the priority.

dif-e-yo does not subscribe to hype. this is evident in their business model and their yo yos. they make yo yos to yo yo with. not to use as a fashion accessory.



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Not to say that there is anything wrong with them being a part of fashion.

Thanks for the answers. Kind of what I suspected.

Still here guys and Thanks for the thoughts and support :slight_smile:
Going through a bit of Transition is all and not done yet ;D

YoYoExpert Rocks !!!

Best Regards, Frank


Good news!

A new diff would be high on my want list. Recently had a juggernaut for a while… played really well. I didn’t mind the .555 pads since I still have a ton of them (one drops, general-yo, diffs, chaz, kentaros, etc) from the days before slim pads became the norm, but a response update on future throws would be nice.

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the juggernaut and rev 1 overhaul can be siliconed recessed. the depth of the recess will support flowable silicone.


partly cloudy…


Thank you for responding, Frank. I’ve been throwing Difs since 2006 (I think). Just glad you’re alright, and if you do make a new yoyo I’ll be in line to buy it.

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