Whatever happened to Dif-e-Yo?


They haven’t released anything new since the Gladiator Slave. ???


I would imagine Frank has been busy. But at least you can still get them.


Frank was never into the flavor of the day type of production. He has always produced good quality throws that played good, not flashy.


Are we supposed to interpret that as Dif-e-Yo being out of business due to lack of sales…?


No one said he was out of business… Making yo-yos is a hobby for Frank. He makes what he likes and when he decides to make a new, he’ll make a new one.


The point of my question was to say that jhb’s answer was a non-answer to OP’s question.


That’s odd I understood it as an answer to the op’s original post.


I thought I saw a new design on the facebook bst & chat a little while back from Frank. So maybe there is something coming out soon(ish).


How? jhb is describing what kind of person Frank is as far as i can tell. That doesn’t really answer what happened to Dif-e-Yo?


Doesn’t produce flashy throws?

Have you even seen a Gladiator Slave?..

It’s one of the flashiest looking yoyos I’ve ever seen.


Frank is doing fine. For the few that probably don’t know this; Difeo is a Master Machinist. He was a Tool and Die maker (def> Tool and die makers are a class of machinists in the manufacturing industries who make jigs, fixtures, dies, molds, machine tools, cutting tools, gauges, etc.) for Lucent Technologies for many years until he decided to retire.

He has his own complete Machine shop. It is not uncommon thing for Dif to have his hand in any number of sidejobs that have absolutely nothing to do with yoyos.

He also designs yoyos for others. I am not at liberty to say who ‘others’ are. But he is one of my closest friends; I just know more than most of you🙄

He spends more time in Florida these last few years. Traveling back and forth from Massachusetts.

He drives a Seriously awesome New Corvette and likes to spend more time ‘outside of a Machine Shop than In one’.

I called him to let him know a few guys wondered what’s up?

He will touch base with the Forum when he gets the time.


OK, let me put it more succinctly…

Frank was never into the flavor of the day type of production, unlike companies that put out new releases once a month or so. He has always produced good quality throws that played good, not flashy, when he feels inspired to do so.


Pretty sure Dif has only put out like 2 throws in the like the past 6 years (zeekio colab and gladiator slave) so it having been a year since the last release is pretty much par for the course. Plus seems like Konkaves and dif pads stay stocked so my purely spectulative answer is that nothing “happened”… just Dif being Dif.


I know Frank also. Winner! I was right!


Because he was saying he never produced throws often be patient.



(⛷) #17

Trolling or just easily confused? :smiley:


Maybe it’s clearer with a bit of punctuation…


Maybe it was more clear, since I have known both, Jhb, and frank for some time now? dunno?


All is well ;D
As some mentioned, I’m just spending time doing things I neglected when I was making yoyos 24/7 …
Still doing Dif-e-Yo, just not making yoyos 24/7.
Tinkering with designs, supplying KK’s, and Sponsoring a few contests when I’m able.

Thanks for all the thoughts ;D
Best Regards to all, Frank