Any opinions from seasoned Yo-ers on Dif-E-Yo’s Yo Yos? Obviously their bearings are awesome for most, but I found a decent deal on a G-T-O but I can’t get my hands on it before I buy.

Go for it ;). Difs are amazing yo-yos and probably the most solid and most underrated yo-yos out there.

This man speaks the truth!

Difs are incredible, and very very underrated. I’ve played a GTO, it was brilliant. Highly recommended!

My friends dad has a Dif TANK yo-yo. Oh my goodness, that plays so well, spins forever. I’m pretty sure Diff’s other yo-yo’s are the top of the line. :wink:

the zzzip fly is terrible IMHO

All of these people are speaking the truth!

he speaks truth!

this man speaks only of lies!

tee hee

keep yoing :wink:

Have you even tried it?

The thing is terrible.

im just playing, but yeah, it isnt my favorite, but i dont think it is terible. i like all dif e yos except the orbiter because i dont loop, but if i did id probalbly love it.

The Ordbiter isn’t the best looper. When it comes to looping, plastic works good.

So true Pheenix!

Its not the quality of it or anything, its basically the worst shape and size, just a bad design to be a good yoyo, the IT is one of my favorite yoyos btw, Im not hating on dif

The IT is awesome. I’ve thrown one, and It was really smooth and all. I’m not liking the size too much though.

I’ve not had the chance to throw any except for the Tank. It is a Tank. Very good yoyos. Go for it!