Dif-e-yo Zzzip Fly

Dif-e-yo Zzzip Fly

  Price - $70.00
  Manufacturer - Dif-E-Yo  
  Shape - Wing
  Weight (g) - 58.00  
  Width (mm) - 30.47  
  Diameter (mm) - 47.62   
  Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) - .250 x .500 x .187 in  
  Gap Type - Fixed  
  Stock Response System - Dif-E-Yo Dif-Pad


The Dif-e-yo Zzzip Fly is probably one of my favorite yoyos for mastering tricks, but not something I would compete with. It’s pretty thin so when learning tricks like Eli Hops, it can be difficult, but it makes using a normal sized yoyo much easier when doing those tricks. The yoyo is very undersized in both width and diameter. I guess the best comparison to diameter (since everyone has a Protostar) is the silver/black ring on the inside of the lip of the Protostar. The shape of it is hard to describe so I’ll post pictures on it. The shape has a really unqiue feel too, but it fits in your hand very well. After a few minutes of play, I really began to like the shape a lot.


It’s got no vibe at all and glides across the string very nicely. It feels more floaty on the string without the weight rings (in my opinion) but it sleep longer with the weight rings. With or without the weight rings, it has no vibe and plays very smooth.

I wouldn’t put this yoyo at the top of my list of yoyos that were made to play very fast. They can play pretty fast, but they aren’t the most stable yoyo in the world. If you’re playing fast, I’d suggest keeping the weight rings in. It’s capable of plying fast but it’ll take some getting used to and a good deal of practice with it. Playing at high speeds with it also knocks down it’s spin time a fair amount. Fast combos can last up to a good 30-45 seconds with it, but no more.

This yoyo is incredibly durable though. It’s as if no matter what you hit it on, it won’t even scratch it. I’ve hit mine on numerous things and there isn’t a mark on it. Don’t go throwing your new yoyo into concrete to test this though…

Grinds… no. The lip is small so it’s difficult to thumb grind on. Finger grinds just don’t work. Arm Grinds are okay on it but since it’s thin, it can fall off sometimes. Also, Palm Grinds won’t work at all (unless you’re wearing a glove).

This yoyo also hurts quite a bit when it hits you. Just pick it up and you can tell it wasn’t meant for grinding. It’s got a bit of a sticky feel to it. I’ve been hit at least 15 times with it, 3 or 4 of which have made me bleed (all of those hits were on the back of my hand or between fingers though).

The spin time is pretty good. It can sleep for 3-4 minutes with a good throw. It also helps that it comes with a konkave bearing. Another thing about not just this yoyo, but most dif-e-yos that I’ve used, no matter what bearing you have or how dry it is, this yoyo stays pretty quiet. Put in a new bearing or a bearing you just cleaned and it’s dead silent. I don’t know about anyone else, but I prefer my yoyo not to be screaming while I’m using it, so this is really nice.

Overall, it’s a really fun yoyo to play with. It can handle most or all of your tricks (excluding grinding tricks). It’s a really fun yoyo to use and helps you improve a lot. But, once again, I would not recommend competing with it. Nervs + thin gap = not good (especially for a first competition, when you’re most nervous).

Smoothness: 8.5/10
Feel: 8/10
Durability: 9.5/10
Grinds: 3.5/10
Overall Play: 8/10
Overall Rating: 8.2/10

The I rated this was, I did the normal math stuff (adding up and dividing), but I doubled grinding, making it a 7 since I don’t do grinds much. Although it doesn’t grind well, I don’t do grinds much so it doesn’t make a huge effect on my opinion. If you do grind a lot, I would not suggest this yoyo. If you don’t, then it’s a lot of fun to use and can help you get a lot better.

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very nice review,im with you all the way about liking your throw quiet,i hate it when the bearing is just breaking in.its like naols on a chalk board to me.

That thing is small! :o Anyways, great review. :slight_smile: