Are dif-e-yos good?

Well are they? Do they come unresponsive? which one is your personal favorite?


Yeah, they are good. They come unresponsive, accept the blind orbiter(looping yoyo):

I like the Sportser F yoyo.

Happy Throwing! =]

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The Gto is a good yo-yo. :]

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Yeah, they are great yoyos. I like the GTO, Tank , zip fly, Cross Bones and I hear the IT are great but I have never tried one.

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Wich one is best for 5a?

Tank and the IT. They are all good! Wideload is the least of my fav’s from him but its still a great yoyo.

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It have a tank and I love it! But let me warn you, the one I got the kk bearing was pretty heavily lubed so you may need to clean it when you get it.

It is persenal preference, but they are very good.

Known to be some of the most underrated metals on the market.

There won’t be a best for 5A, but I’m sure they’ll work ok.

Actually there is a best. Well more like a few best because there are some that are terrible for 5a. Wideload being one of them.

The Tank is my favorite.

It can be a little awkward for 5A because or the large weight, but some 5A players love heavy yoyos cough Wedgie Cough


100 points for mentioning the wedgie!!! lol

I use all Difs for 5a including the 72 gram Dave Shulte signature ITs

Heavy yo-yo’s are awesome for 5A. IMO, they balance with a counterweight much better than light ones.

Difs are some of the best metals on the market. But, As some of the others have stated, It’s all preference. They all work very well for 5A (Some better than others), just pick which one that has the shape you like most.


I really like Difs, I especially like the WideSport, Internal Turmoil, Tank, Barebones, BoneChip, and Zzzip-Fly.