Most Underrated Yo-yo

So the title says it all. I want you guys to list what you think is the most underrated yo-yo and possibly a reason as to why you picked that yo-yo.

I will start. The Dif-e-yo Tank. It is a beast of a yo-yo. Can handle anything I throw at it and still come back for more. And then some more. Also probably the most stable and solid yo-yo I have ever thrown (tied with the Superstar and BvM)

Your Turn :D.

I’m gonna have to say the original Unstacked PGM.

It is an amazing yoyo. It did get a little hype, but was overshadowed by it’s worse playing brother, the Stacked PGM.

Trainwreck V2… so good.

B-Grade Yoyofactory yoyos. People avoid them because they think about the B!

They play just as good as normal YYF yoyos.

Flying Panda. It’s FANTASTIC for 4a, but most people go with the BigYo 2 or the Aquarius. Not sure why. ??? ??? ???

Anything Defected.

Fool’s gold, Razzles, B-Grades.

All play amazing, but some people avoid them because of the defects.

c13, plays great if you throw it right.