"Ink" yoyo project

I have debated long and hard about this and I think it is time I announced it.

This was a project I decided to start a year or so ago but it only became serious recently. I had many designs all drawn out but no resources to make it. Then someone sponsored this project and I decided to finally make prototypes of one of my designs. The prototypes turnes out pretty good and I was pretty impresed with myself but not completely satisfied with it so there probably be more prototypes coming. Originally, I planned to start a company but, as I am still a student, I decided to delay that and work on a smaller scaled project- “Ink”.

I did not sell any of my prototypes yet although I might consider selling them online later. I will be going to the DFW Open and selling them there though. I will posting pictures soon. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s feed back and thanks for reading.

I now present you all, the Stallion or馬. Pics by Joshua Tsang.

looks like a fun throw.
How did it played?

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Some people though it felt quite heavy while some thought it was light and fast on the string. Personally, the 7075 version is a beast. A definite change that needs to be made is the rims though as it can draw blood. However, I am designing this with my brother in mind and his style tends to lean towards the “Iori Yamaki” style so I am considering shaving off a few grams and readjusting the weight distribution.

Fast and stable then? sounds like fun.

Good luck.

Post more pictures, and maybe a video of your brother.

Doesn’t that mean “horse” in mandrin?