CNC Spinworthy?

I have ideas for unresponsive yoyos that I could draw up and have machined in China. Would anyone care for yoyos like these?


Yes. Your designs are very innovative. You have more to offer the community than your wood craft as evident by the designs of what you’ve already made. Regardless of the medium, the design is key. And you have design down.


I suppose my concern is that I make what I like and my tastes aren’t always popular. I would make a mid sized heavy throw (69g or heavier). Lol. Looks like a recipe for a shelf-sitter, but it would be a real dependable beast.


I would definitely name them things like ‘Vibe’ and ‘Brick’.:laughing:


You just described things I like. My 69g E1ns and 71g ILYY Lio are two of my favorite yoyos. They feel good to play and their extra weight gives them a level of performance where you’re not gonna throw them back on the shelf to play a “better” yoyo.

I wanna see heavier designs across the board, and you’ve turned some real nice looking plastic unresponsives. CNCing them would take away from the neat novelty of being handmade, but a good design is a good design regardless of how/where it’s produced.


I’ve been saying that heavier designs are going to make a comeback. They are better in almost every way in my opinion.








I wouldn’t mind a throw that is 69 grams. Usually heavier throws are the ones I use.


As someone who loves the Kiwi with a ton of adoration, I am fully behind heavier yo-yos.


69g is a great weight. I have thrown nothing but my 2021 Bettynova since receiving it. This is mostly subconscious. I just reach for that one each time and I’m sure its because it has that oomph I crave.

I’m sad I never got a chance to get a TP Kiwi. I’m sure I would love one of those.

As far as yoyo’s go I find that design has one of the greatest influence on whether or not it feels like a brick on the string.

One of my go to throws is a Yomega Glide Ex. It weighs 67.5 grams but it has the design that allows it to “glide” across the string. I find the glide has enough rim weight to give it the feeling of power and enough center weight to balance it out.

Another similar throw that I have is the Yomega Groov (2022 edition). It has the same exact specifications as the Glide, but the design is off. All of the weight is placed in the wrong place and makes it feel like a brick on the string. I almost never use the yomega groov.

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A narrow, heavy and heavily rim-weighted organic design will certainly feel brickish. Many heavy organic yoyos don’t hold their weight well.

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I’d be down for sure. I actually need another one YOU made in the collection, but a shmancy machined Spinworthy sounds like fun on a bun.


i’d love it


There’s actually more to this than just getting a yoyo made. I really don’t have the marketing power behind my brand other than a ‘people who know, know’ kind of thing. I’m not sure I can shift 250 yoyos on this alone. It’s something I will need to consider.


Can it be done cheaper with having them machine delrin? Finding a way to get the cost down to a bare minimum while still being something unique? Finding a way to keep risk as low as possible.

Add in a mystery element and rip off Onedrop mystery idea. Have 10 wooden models along with the 250 production models in different colors. Don’t let people pick a color, and make the cost cheap enough to where some people just buy it as a gamble.


Machining POM yoyos isn’t really any cheaper than metal, and more colorways means more expensive. Producing more colors to have a “mystery” element would only increase the price. Not to mention I’d never buy a yoyo at random, I want to pay more to get what I know I want.

If a yoyo has to resort to gimmicks, novelty, and generate “hype” to sell, then I don’t think that’s a meaningful design to exist. A yoyo coming out needs a reason to exist. Heavyweight yoyos (69g+) are pretty uncommon on the market, organics in this weight range even less common. That alone would justify something like this being made, because it’s not something that you can just go out and buy a variation on from another company. Wide and light is the trend, I far prefer narrow and heavy because I want maximum spin times and stability.

You should be selling yoyos to people who look at the design, consider what this yoyo is bringing to the table, and having them say “yes, this will be a good yoyo that I want to play more than anything I currently own, and I will want to continue playing this yoyo because it occupies its own specific niche in my collection.”

Why sell people essentially garbage that’s just going to put back on a shelf and be forgotten about when the next flavor of the month yoyo release happens? Why even bother selling yoyos to people who don’t really care or see the value in the design, and instead are just buying it because it’s cheap. Or because they’re essentially just gambling to get a second yoyo. All of these things are basically just saying “my design doesn’t matter or do anything unique, it’s just another yoyo in a sea of releases.”

If your design is something you can be confident people will appreciate and want to keep playing, because it occupies a specific niche, then it’s worth making. If it’s just going to be “just another yoyo,” then I think it would be a waste of time and money to put into production.


Maybe a crowd sourcing option?

Put up a design idea, pre-order plus 10%?

Us that follow you would be in on the ground floor. It could be a start with reduced risk.

This isnt your first rodeo either. Im sure a lot of us have confidence in your abilities.