CNC Spinworthy?

There is a reason for every Spinworthy yoyo’s existence. My metals would be no different.

They will very carefully conisdered and planned.


I’ll absolutely buy anything heavy as long as it had a slightly larger than average diameter

I would preferably like to do small batches of 50, machined here in AUS. That may simply make them too expensive and possibly even lacking the quality of the Chinese shops. It’s possibly worth looking into though. If would certainly result in a unique product.

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A heavier delrin sounds nice to me

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I woukd never have a delrin yoyo made.


if random people can make 50-100 boring and not thought out yoyos and sell them all then someone like you who is respected within the community and wants to put out a unique design should have no problem selling them, imo


I studied marketing in college, and everything you said is true, except that their is a large segment of people that would pay for the stupid random aspect. It’s unfortunate but true, and I only mentioned it as means to minimize risk even though I also hate the concept. Marketing is something I loathe and never used my degree for when I got out. Marketing is a tool used to blind the masses into buying stuff they don’t need.

Heavier throws are a niche market at the moment, but doing a smaller run than 250 in an Australian shop could very well be the route. I’d be interested.


I want to explore having it done in Australia. People need to be prepared to spend around the $120 mark for a monometal though. Apparently the quality of having them machined here is pretty good.


Yes. With your track record, they we be incredible.


Who machined the rbc?

FPM made the prototypes and both production runs of the RBC.


That’s not too far off the price point of Japanese production. JT and Hydrangea charge 130-160 USD for their domestically produced AL monos.


I am now VERY interested in this. Looking forward to future updates, I would love to see product coming out of a new machine shop!


71 gram RBC incoming. Instead of being hollow, pack it with steel. Will make shooting the moon akin to Russian roulette.


Where did werrd have their yoyos machined? Not sure if Stu is still around but you could reaching out to him. Also I’m very interested in this as well.


Yes, I’ve already spoken to him. :+1:


Ok. I have a design. It is not what you might be expecting. Its neither quirky, fun or innovative. The best I can describe it is capable with loads of oomph.

The thing it’s heavy, plain and not flashy in any way at all. I suppose in short it isn’t worth bothering with because the only person who will like it is me. Lol.

Few people want to buy a yoyo around the 68g mark and that’s what my design is.

I won’t send it away to have prototypes machined because I doubt I would be able to shift them and I know that the two people I sponsor wont like it at all.

Never mind! The world just doesn’t need this one, I’m sure.

Lots of people like turning point and they can get pretty hefty :man_shrugging:


I would like this yo-yo.


Caveat: I am a beginner with not a lot of experience yet.


While starting out, I have a Yoyo Factory Arrow and a Throw Back Skills Sage.

The Sage yoyo is notably heavier in the hand than the Arrow.

I have found, at least at this point in my journey, the Heavier yoyo seems to have more spin time and better stability for me. Especially with my lack of muscle memory and skill.

I reach for the heavier yoyo than a light yoyo.

I guess this is subject to change.

Maybe do a Kickstarter for this throw? Put the concept out there. See if there is a interest? If so, move forward with the concept?