Infinity TX 10


So I was at AVcon in Adelaide (like comic-con but more anime & video game focused) and there was a skill toy booth with some yoyos, some Henry’s, some Duncan and some metals from a company called infinity, I just couldn’t resist (partially 'cause the response on my DM2 is ready to fall out and I’m still waiting on my IRpads).

So I had a closer look at them, one had hub stacks, one had a narrow gap, and one had a nice wide gap with really low walls that only went up far enough to fit the response in (H shape), so for $45 (Aus money so not too expensive given how much we pay for a lot of other stuff) I figured why not.

turns out it has a stainless Concave baring in it and it plays completely unresponsive (unlike my DM2 at the moment 'cause I need to clean the bearing again) if a little vibey, but it doesn’t quite sit as well in the hand as my DM2, and as a result I’m finding my breakaways are often quite crooked or super vibey (or both).

if anyone knows anything about infinity or the TX 10 I’d love to know, 'cause I can’t seem to find much at all.



The bearing did something a little weird, after a day or 2 it got really noisy and responsive, and then after another day it settled back down again, still a little noisy but completely unresponsive again. At least I think it’s weird, I haven’t bought a lot of yoyos yet, so I haven’t had to break in too many bearings.

And now that I’m getting used to it I’m starting to like it more than my DM2