Who would be the best YYE member to test the new TX 10 ball?

Just got them in, flat and wing cut.
Want someone to test them, made to my specifications
Will send free to the proper thrower, no kids no beginners.

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Is 14 considered a “kid” :stuck_out_tongue: I do have some modding experience and experience with bearings. I would be glad to test one.

I’m 13 is that ok?

I’m 20 and have been throwing for 5 years. Would love to test one and give a review.

Need reviews? I could write one, but cant get pics in the thread

My vote goes to jhb

Been throwing for five years, currently practicing hard for 5+ hours a day with dry play lube treated 10 balls.

I’d love to give the bearings a shot.

17 and over two years of throwing. I do both 1a and 4a and would be willing to write a full review.

1 year throwing, 1 year of not knowing what on earth i’m doing. Time well spent. Got a couple Terrapin bearings myself, so I don’t really need anymore. All my CLYW have them in them.

19 with 12 years of throwing. I could get a review up for ya.

Let me know if your interested and good luck!

Well that’s easy to answer - ME


Im a pretty active thrower and would like to test but if I dont Ill probably still end up buying one

Parts is parts! :wink:

I’d suggest someone that has been indifferent to your product or even a bit dismissive of it. Their positive review would mean much more than a current fan’s.

Just my opinion.


I could test but then again 14 isn’t a kid or adult. Soo not sure but on another hand I have a YouTube so I could probably do a video review. On another hand I have bin yo-yoing for about 2 years I think I haven’t kept track of time. I would be happy to test on another hand if you like. But how I see it if I test it great if not there’s always another chance.

I have been throwing several years.
I believe I have tried nearly every kind of yoyo bearing out there.
Pretty experienced. I have minimal experience with your brand. I have played a yoyo with one of your bearings, but only for about 30 seconds. I am impartial to your bearings.
Let me know.

I am only 13, but I am trustworthy and mature for my age.

I’d be happy to test them. Im 15 so I dont know if you’d consider me a kid but here is my most recent video just to show you what I can and would do with a TX 10 ball in my throw:

EDIT: I also attend a yoyo club weekly and would be ever-so-happy to let everyone try and give their opinion on the bearing :wink:

I’ll bite. I’m a decent player, albeit a bit young. I’ll only use CTs or 10balls. I am extremely picky about what I throw, so I will be honest. I can write well if I actually sit down at a computer (I’m almost always on an iPad). Here is my Puffin review: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,55889.0.html
I’ll get the review to you in a timely manner. I mainly do technical play, but can go very fast. I do long 60ish second combos, and am intolerant of vibe. I’ll expect the bearing to cater to that. I, however, don’t know a whole lot about bearings, so, it will only be from a player’s perspective. Please consider me. :slight_smile:

I’m 20, been throwing for 3 years, and am not looking to test this bearing out.



I’ve been throwing for 15 years, have my own yoyo company, have worked for other yoyo companies, have worked yoyo retail, have made a living on yoyos at various points in my life, and I’ve tested hundreds of different bearings.

I’d love to test these…