Indiana State yoyo contest 2013

I’m exited! How about you?

I want to go so bad… I went last year and it was real fun, but I just got a new job at UPS and can’t take off so that’s a big bummer for me.

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Hey john, I think I met you last year at the contest. You traded your dv888 and your Hspin for my superstar! I dont know if you remember me but Ill be there this year. :slight_smile:

Some of my buddies are goin but too bad I cant :(. One is actually competing. School once again gets in the way for something thats only like 3.5 hours south of where I live.

I think I’m going this year again. I went last year and won the sport ladder, but this year I’m going to try to do a 1A. Hopefully I’ll actually meet a couple of people instead of just walking around by myself, haha.

5.5 hour drive for me but I’ll be there!
Ill have a triton to test and pins to give out! Come find me!

Awesome! I can’t wait. I just hope there will be some of the newer yoyos for me to get. Mainly, because I’ll actually have some cash to blow.

See you there!

Congrats on the job! I’m applying at UPS as well!

When is it going to be?

Thanks, I hope you get the job! It’s somewhat a long process, I waited about a month before I was hired. It seems like a good place in the long run to work at though. :slight_smile:

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June 1st at the Indianapolis Artsgarden

Hope to see you there!

i was there last year and ill be there this year too. cant wait

Me and Athr3e are coming all the way from ann arbor michigan over 5 hours away

My dad is a higher up at UPS he is the manager for Ohio and Michigan.

I’ll be there this year.

Looking forward to it.

I think it’d be pretty cool if people posted some of the different yoyo’s they’ll be bringing that they would allow others to try out…

I’ll start it out:

YYF Genesis
CLYW Chief

Just gotta find me!

I am going to try and make it, I live in Fishers so it is a short drive.

I see that the event goes from 10am - 9pm, is there an optimum time to be there as a spectator? If I can find the time to go I will have my wife and young children with me.

I have only been throwing for 3 months or so and have never been to a contest before, should I know anything in advance about what to expect?


Haha,you’re the kid who beat my dad last year! My dad is going this year.

I’m going!