Incredible Shrinking String…?

Has anybody ever had the experience where suddenly your string is much shorter then it was before?
I pulled out my DV888 a couple of days ago, gave it a toss and it comes around and hits my knuckles. I’m thinking; “What the…”. I let the yoyo hang down and rest on the floor and the strings like 1 1/2" to 2" below my waist. Today at noon I take out my Protostar, same thing, suddenly my string is way too short. On October 1st I attended the Iowa State Competition. I carried a couple of throws in my pockets when I first arrived and left most of my collection in my car in cases. Does Poly string shrink up if left in a hot car? I guess I’ve never thought about this before, but it’s the only explanation I can come up with. Either my strings have shrunk or I have suddenly become some scientific phenomena where I’ve begun growing again. I don’t think that’s it as my clothes all still fit right. (Although I could certainly use the few extra inches.)

Has anyone else suddenly found their string way too short after leaving your throws in the hot car for a while? :-\

Sounds like what I do to my friends string when he’s away to mess with him. It doesn’t shirk, it’s been cut.

Wear a consistent height of heels when you throw.

(I’m not judging…)

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Oh no Chris, I never wear my stilettos while I’m throwing. Their just another factor to deal with which takes my mind off my throw. ::slight_smile:

String tension can shorten and lengthen string, but it’d have to be pretty extreme.

That’s why I don’t throw while wearing my inline skates.

All jokes aside, so far today I have found 4 throws where the string is considerably shorter. I just checked my Echo, the string is easily 6" shorter now then when I put it on a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely no one has had access to my collection apart from my presence at any time so the idea I’m getting pranked is not a valid explanation. Obviously string tension could not create a difference nearly this dramatic.

You all can think I’m crazy, but my theory remains leaving the collection in a metal case in a hot car in direct sunlight raised the temperature inside to such a degree that my strings shrank. My Axiom and NorthStar have green string Yomega gave me a whole slug for free of when I complained their “Ooch Yo (Smoov)” was eating string like a hungry wolverine. All the throws with that string are still as long as when I put it on. All my 100% Poly and Slick 6 string has suddenly become much shorter.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the story I’m workin’ until someone gives me a more plausible explanation.
(if I find out someone’s truly has been jackin’ with me I let you know. maybe it’s the cat at night.)

Its your mind, stop drinking so much coffee.

my mind is mighty weak at times, however my cardiologist took my coffee away from me 21 months ago.

I have never had that happen to me, but it does make me want to try it, hehe.

If your that worried about it then test it. Put your oven on warm or some sort of low setting, put a sting that you have measured in for a bit, take the string out and measure. Its the scientific process, often used to prove and or debunk theories. :slight_smile:

Well, all I can say is there can be SOME inconsistency between string lengths. I have YYE bulk strings and I find they are pretty darn consistent, all seem to be within an inch or less of each other in length from end to end within a bundle. I don’t find I am having any problems with the string getting longer or shorter. However, I am not doing any formal “pre-use” measuring followed by “post-usage” measuring. That might be interesting, but I’ve got other things that are more important.

I really can’t see a string stretching THAT much without breaking. I could see the slipknot slipping a little, but that won’t be a big changer.

Anyone who changes strings frequently want to tackle the before/after measurements?

I make my own poly strings and change often. There is certainly some stretch to poly but we are talking maybe a 1/4" at most through the “life” of a string. I would say that would depend on several factors as well, including yoyo weight and strength of throws.

Synthetic fibers do shrink under heat so the hot car is most likely the culprit.

I was trying to think of something witty to say about this situation, but I’m really at a loss. I’ve had my case in a hot car for a week while I was away and all the strings were just fine.

I blame sorcery.

The cake is a lie.

In an attempt to find a real answer:

Were you wearing shoes then, and are wearing shoes now? It could be that shoes have made you an inch taller. Maybe you were barefoot when you first measured. It could be that your waist was just an inch closer to the ground if you were barefoot versus wearing shoes.

Temperature variances can compress or expand materials. But not that much.

Also diferences in gravity could have an effect on string length.

Did your yoyo’s go through the wash with your pants? Washing in cold water can shrink fabric.


Lol,if the string decreased in length because it “shrank” then, it must be thinner by the same %‘tage as well (stands to reason). Question is tho’, would/could you detect the change in dia.?