Stretching your String???

Since I am realatvily new to yo-yoing I do have a question.

I came upon this video, plus have seen in a few posts on this forum that people stretch their yoyo string before use

Is this normal? What does stretching your string provide you? I tried stretching my last string and I seemed to get much less use out of it before it felt used up. I like the way upstretched string feels in use.

So which is better, stretching or not stretching string? and why?

I’ve seen people do it, but never understood the reason why. Supposedly it reduces the bounce or spring in a new string, but I’ve never found that to be a problem.

I usually stretch my strings, I find that it does reduce a little of the springiness that comes with a new string. But it is more so because I want the string to remain the length I cut it, and not grow on me after use. But I will also point out that the growth of a fresh to broke in string is minimal, I’m just OCD lol

I agree with Garrett in that stretching the string makes cutting it to length a bit more consistent. Some strings are wound in such a way that if you cut them to a normal length without stretching them first, you can end up throwing your YoYo into the ground as a result of the stretch releasing.

The string that comes to mind is the “Toxic” Metz. Great string, but you had better plan for the stretch if you replace one. The majority of string though as Garrett stated, the stretch is minimal.
So you really have to decide based on the tension of the string when it’s new.

I don’t do it since I like a bit of bounce in my string.

So its more a personal preference thing then something that’s important that all throwers should do (Like clean your bearings, etc)?

Yeah it’s just preference pretty much.

I wouldn’t exactly call cleaning your bearings a personal preference tho…
That is important to anyone that uses a ball bearing yoyo that dose not want to buy a new bearing every couple of weeks lol.
(But I may have read that wrong)

Stretching your strings doesn’t really affect your play. I think it all depends on your preference. I like the bounce of a new string and find it easier to bind on them. But after a few throws, it’ll stretch itself out. People who stretch their strings probably just want to skip the break-in period and start practicing normally again.

I like the bounce.

Oh no, I was saying that cleaning your bearing is not a personal preference thing, but that its something every thrower should do for maintenance.

I probably wrote my original post in a confusing way, sorry.

i use fat kitty string and i find if i don’t stretch it, it grows quite a bit. so i usually stretch it for consistent length

This is supposedly what it is. I was on the YoyoFactory page a few days ago and the string stretching question was asked. Not for sure exactly what they said, but it was something along the lines of cutting down the breaking time of a string.