Over-stretching your string?


So, since I started using Kitty Strings, I’ve begun stretching them before use (as suggested on the package). I do find it helps with keeping tension better, but anyone know if too much stretching is bad?

I guess too much of anything is bad, but just wondering.

If it’s the case that over-stretching isn’t too serious, I was thinking of just hanging a bunch of string up somewhere and tying them to a weight so they’re pre-stretched for me.


i didn’t even know you where supposed to stretch them. :o

(M.DeV1) #3

Well stretching them until they break would be pretty bad.


Totally agree with you there.



You’re supposed to stretch them? I just take them out of the package and tie and a knot then throw…

Hmm, let me know what happens. :slight_smile:


I just give mine one or two tugs to stretch them a bit and then tie a knot and away I go. I’m guessing the only thing stretching it more would do would reduce the amount of new stirng bounce you get. I don’t imagine it’d noticeably shorten the lifespan of the string.



but I like the new string bounce!


Yeah, I don’t stretch mine. But I notice they start to stretch after a few throws.