If you throw kitty string often come look!

On the package of the 100packs of kitty string it says:

“Stretch your kitty String before using it. This reduces twist and elasticity of the string while playing.”

So my question is if you use kitty string more then other strings is:

"Do you stretch out your string? Why or why not?also list strings you use most often when not throwing kitty.

My preference is to just put It on without stretching them out. As you can see I use a lot of kitty string. When I don’t throw Kitty normal, fat and nylon I throw Toxic or YYSL, oh and quick 13! Lets see what you guys prefer!

I use Kitty Normal and never stretch it… Just put it on and measure it up and cut it. It does get about 1/2 inch longer after it breaks in… Some ppl like that “bounce” that a new string gives…

I play:

Kitty Normal (yellow)
Kitty Fat (yellow)
YYSL Type X (yellow)
YYSL Type X (white)

I have no problems at all…

I like bounce to my string. I use these strings very often:
Yellow fat kitty
BYYS Panther string
Raven Strings

I use uncut kitty string

I use kitty nylons for 1A and poly kitty for 4A and it plays fine, never had to stretch it out.

Do Nylon Kitty’s whip fast? and why do you need thousands of kitty string?

Nylons tend to whip kinda fast but their pretty rough on ur fingers. Id get string burns when trying to play fast with them.

I wouldn’t say the nylons whip faster, but they defiantly hold tension and their shape better. I never have problems with burns or anything like that with them either.

It’s not that I need them I just like to have different colors and the reason I have so much is because instead of buying 10packs I was buying 100packs and sometimes I wouldn’t like color or type. I change my string a lot tho because I like the feel of the new string. It’s not that much string lol

This is the reason for my amount of strings, It’s no where near yours, maybe a third of what you have.

I use green kitty fat for most of my day to day throws and green YYSL for special occasions.
Thinking about changing to yellow string from green after playing with my friends, but that’s off topic.

Back onto topic, no I don’t stretch it, I cut mine short on purpose to use the break in ‘stretch’ to create the length of string that I play with.

I don’t cut or stretch. 6-3 with bear paws. Take all the extra length I can get.

When I used to throw kitty I did stretch it.

Beyond 42 Strings Marvin’s, these are mine and also my favorite outta of all the strings that I make