In your opinion: Best WYYC year.


2006 ↓↓↓ Because my fave players For me it’s they Wonderful performance of the Century. :smiley:

How bout you?


2009, the one that Mickey breaks his 2nd place combo.

Not saying he’s gonna get 1st, probably not gonna get 2nd either. Just hoping for 1st.


2009 is gonna be good.

In 1A, you’re gonna have Augie, Yuuki, John, Jensen, Sebby, and Mickey fighting for the title.
In 2A, Shinji is working harder than ever to win, after his unexpected defeat last time.
In 3A, Kentaro is making a huge comeback to win the 3A division.
In 4A, there really is no expected winner, so anyone has a shot to win.
In 5A, You have returning World Champion Tyler Severance, along with Miggy, JonRob, and Sterling to brawl it out.

There’s also gonna be other cool stuff, like the AP, Modding, and Spintop divisions.

(Raphael) #4

07 was the best in my opinion, Tyler Severance’s 5a free style rocked, and Yukki Spencer’s 1a Free styler was great too!


And they’re both gonna bring it back this year!


im going with 06

  1. Yuuki didn’t even try REAL hard either. I mean he could have done better.


Agreed iRon ;D