WYYC: 2011. Who do you think will win

This is just a guessing game. List who you think will win in a particular play style.
For me:
Christopher Chia-1a
Shinji Saito-2a
Kentaro Kimura or Minato Furuta-3a
I don’t pay attention to 4a or 5a

Jensen could take 1A if he comes. But honestly, I think Christopher will win.
2A is pretty unpredictable. Shinji obviously has a good chance if he competes, though.
3A, probably Minato or Kentaro. I’m actually looking fordward to seeing the 3A champ this year.
4A, Tsubasa has a good chance of winning. However, Kazuaki Sugimura could also take it.
For 5A, there are so many possible champions its hard to predict. If Tyler pulls a clean FS, he’ll win. But Miggy, Sterling, Takeshi, and Takuma all have a goo chance.

me too. I am more anxious to see who will win 3a

1A: I see some amazing stuff from Christopher Chia, but I notice nobody is talking much about Marcus Koh? He beat Christopher at a contest recently and I seriously think he could take the title. I see top 3 contenders this year would be Christopher, Marcus, and Mickey, Jensen possibly although I am not sure if he is going or not.

2A: I see a big throwdown between Shinji and Yasushi this year. Both of them have insane new stuff and I honestly can’t say one has the upper hand on the other. This will be an intense battle to see…

3A: Minato and Kentaro are two big names people have been talking about, but anyone wonder about Hiroki Miyamoto? He was absent last year but with his last vid its obvious he is still around. I wouldn’t leave him as the last anchovy.

4A: I seriously think this year will be Futoshi, I have seen all his stuff and its just insane to see. If he can pull off all his stuff on stage flawlessly, I really think he could take the title this year.

5A: Ill say it, I think Takuma has it this year. After defeating Takeshi at JN, and with him not wanting the world to see his stuff yet until worlds, I really think he has something special for us going to worlds. It should be awesome to watch.

1a: Gentry Stein
2a: Shinji Saito

sorry i accidentally hit enter. anyways…
3a: Minato
4a: John Narum
5a: Tyler Severance

and dont count out gentry stein he is an up-and-coming superstar.

Marcus Koh is my role model. I just don’t think he’ll fly to WYYC

1a:marcus koh
2a:shinji satio [did i eve have to say it]
3a:minato furta
4a:lim aik hwee
5a:takuma inoue
1a2nd :christopher chia
2a2nd:grant johnson
3a2nd:takeshi matsura
4a2nd:ben conde
5a2nd:takeshi matsura
remember these r just opoinions so dont flip out and feel free to contact me about it