2011s' Best Yoyo Contest

For me, Asia Pacific blew me away. I think their was much more happening there on the stage then at WYYC this year. And Christopher is such BAMF

This poll is MAAAD limited. MWR. SCR. SER. All fantastic contests

crap!!! i chose the wrong one!!! i meant worlds 2011. i chose other. why did i do that!! i meant wyyc.

SCR was sweet, Zach did awesome and YYF Ben was fun to watch

WYYC was spectacular. I’m glad that 2011 is the year of a new upcoming generation of pros. Can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store.


The contests I go to each year are always the best ones.

The contest I go to every year are the best cause I am there, everyone knows that.

Can you say that you make them 20% Cooler?

Defintly wyyc


2011 ohio yoyo contest