In praise of the Internet

(ClockMonsterLA) #1

I just wanted to give a big hearty shout-out to Andre Boulay, Dylan Kowalski, Adam Bottiglia, Chad Smiley, and all the other master throwers who have taken time out and made the effort to provide us with online video trick tutorials. Before the Internet age, newbies like me would have been completely dependent on other yoyoers in my town (or circle of friends) to learn from, or maybe from video tapes and DVDs. But today we have an abundance of online resources to learn from, and I think it’s pretty fantastic.

({John15}) #2

I’m far from a master lol, but I couldn’t agree more. The internet has been an amazing pool of resources and community. Thanks for the shout out man!




Back in the late 90s I learned most of my tricks through cartoon pamphlet instructions. Tutorial vids would have been a godsend and I might have even got good at yoyo, lol

(ChrisFrancz) #5

Without those guys this would be me…


I don’t even know what this means…

(Jacob Waugh) #6

*Adam Bottiglia I think.

(ChrisFrancz) #7

He does great tutorials! I usually have to watch many tutorials to get things.


(Justin Thompson) #9

Totally sweet and rational diagram. I need that design guy on my team.

(ChrisFrancz) #10

Again, first laugh of my day came from a yoyo forum!!!