Important tricks??


I cannot do Revolutions… I can probably learn Magic Drop to do Kamikaze and Shockwave but its annoying and not fun to learn. Do you guys think Revoltions Magic Drop, Kamikaze, or Shockwave is important to know to be a good thrower? Or should I skip them? It’s not my skill level… I could learn it. I just am having a really hard time with revolutions and kind of want to give up unless its an important element in yoyo play.

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Revolutions is a pretty cool trick but I wouldn’t say it’s necessary, (although it might help with your sense of rhythm - important for some tricks).

Magic drop is a useful element, I’d say you need to learn it at some point, however excruciatingly boring it might be. Kamikaze can also be found on most trick ladders nowadays so if you’re looking to compete in one you’ll need to get magic drop down…


Magic drop and Kamikaze I am not too worried about (I will learn it now)… but revolutions…I really don’t get how on revolutions the trick is side style and then its suppose to start spinning front style??? also is the yoyo pushing the string with it in the gap like yuuki slack (which i can do) or is it just spinning from your hand?


Actually some people turn their body to make it look like front style. Some don’t.

The yo-yo actually pushes the string around.


Many tricks here are done to teach a specific skill or two per trick to help build your “tool kit”. In those regards, all the tricks are important in some way or another. Some people just get stuff easier than others. It takes me a long time to get tricks down. Just keep at it, it will come!


Although I would say Magic Drop is pretty important, I hate it. It is so confusing and hard. I didn’t fully understand it until Chris Chia helped me out.

After you get Magic Drop, Kamikaze is pretty straightforward. These tricks (along with many on the trick list) help build up skills necessary for the more advanced tricks and freestyle elements.


I think that revolutions is important for learning slacks. It gives you the “feel” for them, I guess. Magic drop can also be a cool transition. I guess it just depends on HOW you use them, and how much you consider them “important” in your style if play.


If you don’t get it now, move on. Return to it a while later and it may help solve your problem. Thats how I got it down.


None of those are essential, but learning revolutions will help you learn more slacks. I’ve seen some interesting magic drops incorporated into tricks but there’s different ways to get the result magic drop gives you.


Thanks a lot guys. I guess I am going to work on smoothing out some tricks I just learned after that I will move on to working on those. It’s going to be a pain but I think Studio said it good that it would be good to have in my “toolkit”. Kamikaze also looks like a cool trick and im not intimidated by it at all except for the drop…So once I get the drop learning that should be a lot of fun.


Revolutions is a trick you want under your belt at some point, but it isn’t super necessary to learn right away. I actually use revolutions to transition to behind the back moves, but it isn’t really an element used in freestyle tricks. Magic drop and Kamikaze are pretty good stepping stones to help freestyle play though. The rhythm of tricks are good to know and will help you with tricks like boingy-e-boing (assuming you haven’t learned it); for example yuuki slack is a rhythm move when you slack around you’re subconsciously counting the pace until you recatch the loop. So revolutions will just add to your awareness of rhythm involved tricks.


If your having trouble with Revolutions, i suggest going to, and learn “Twirly Bird”, it is basically the same thing, except, it is from a split bottom mount, and it is easier. if you have questions. message me!

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Here is something I did with Magic drop (click giraffe steak sandwich)

Also, I did my own magic drop tutorial addressing some questions I’ve seen here in the past
(click Magic drop)

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I would recommend learning whirly bird. it is basically revolutions but from a split bottom mount. it may clear up confusion about front/side style. it is actually more difficult to master, but conceptually it is easier