I can’t seem to land magic drop no matter how many times I try I’m getting frustrated

I have a talent show in a week and if I don’t get in enough tricks I won’t be able to make it

I seriously need help some one please help me :frowning:


when u do the magic drop, try to spread ur thumb and pointer finger as far apart as possible

but honestly, no one is going to see that move when u do it on stage. For a performance, u want flashy tricks, not technical ones (no one is scoring u on string hits)

daniel dietz does a great job at using flashly, body tricks

good luck  ;D


Thanks but its a talent show hopefully ill walk away with the grand prize


If you want the grand prize do things that people who don’t know yoyoing will love. Do body wraps, grinds, smooth flowing tricks. Oh, don’t forget the gyroscopic flop. Everyone loves that.


usually, people like the easier tricks more than the harder ones. i can almost gaurentee that matrix will get you more applause than ladder escape


True^ but they love gyro flop



also, magic drop has to be done from a breakaway. That was my problem when i was learning it.

(G2 Jake) #8

I will be uploading a tut for magic drop soon you might want to watch my tut page or g squared facebook for it


nice trick ill try it but if i get hit yur paying my medical bill ;)  ;D


Cool , i like the Guillotine tricks , i’ll think that’s what i’ll use when doing horizontal tricks


revolutions is another great trick people seem to love


Never forget gyroscopic flop either.


Can’t seem to land that one either I find it complicated

(G2 Jake) #14

this could help. the light was a little bright, i forgot to adjust the camera.


frontstyle revolutions are 10x easier than sidestkye, how andre does it. people go mad when i do it! forget magic drop, people dont really care too much for that. revolutions is a must learn!


I find sidestyle revolutions much easier than frontstyle revolutions.


Thanks guys I really appreciate this :slight_smile:


Don’t forget eli hops, people love that trick on stage. Slack tricks too.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #19

I’d suggest choosing tricks that you can already land at least 90% of the time. You are going to be in front of a crowd and you won’t be as focused on your yoyoing as usual. Think about putting in those tricks, that require little to no thought, in a highly entertaining format.

Good luck!


Don’t worry I’ve preformed before (I’ve won 10 talent shows :slight_smile: ) and its a small audience just like 50 ppl not much :slight_smile: