Im Super Psyched

I just started playing with counter weights today. I put one on my Grind Machine and it’s better then my Die-Nasty. I just wanted to share.


What is Phyced? Never heard of it.

Learn to internet.

I believe he meant…

psyched: past participle, past tense of psych
Verb: Mentally prepare (someone) for a testing task or occasion. :wink:

Sorry I misspelled it. I’m using my iPod so I make typos.


cool :smiley:

love your siggy.


Look at her face! XD

What, you mean it’s not cool enough to fix that on the fly.
Maybe they’ll fix that in the next release, eh… :wink:

That’s not nice.

I think Jayyo is always like that, don’t take it too seriously

I thought safari had spell check, I guess he needs to update.

Mr Jobs didn’t die, he got lost in that safari.

On topic, OP, glad you’re liking 5a!

Got to learn how to do that somehow.

Im not a nice person