I'm still half in shock...

My dad is balding, and went to do this crazy hair thing to get more hair. It’s hard to explain, but they like harvest hair from the back of his head and plant it in the front and sides and stuff. He was drugged and told not to put his head down.

Today, (after a lot of stress from trying to sell our house while the plumber is cutting holes in it) he was leaned over the counter while I took out his stitches. My sister ran inside to hand him the phone (my mom is out of town) and he leaned his head.
“I shouldn’t do that,” he said, and he mumbled something else before collapsing on the floor, hitting his head. Hard. He lied there, snoring, his eyes rolled back into his head. His breathing slowed down, until it stopped completely. My little sister scream, handed me the phone and got my big sister. My big sister came and screamed at me to call 911, but I couldn’t. I stood there, frozen, as my father lied there lifeless. My sister grabbed the phone and dialed the numbers. She was crying and telling the police what happened when my dad suddenly woke up. He stood up and stumbled onto his bed.

“Who’s on the phone?” He said.

He couldn’t remember what happened. He told us to hang up the phone so I could take out his stitches. My sisters told him what happened. I unfroze and sat on the bed next to him. I didn’t make eye contact with anyone. I didn’t speak. I looked out the window. My mind was fried with everything I could see in it.

So why am I telling you guys this? Well, when I finally got out of that room, I grabbed my Capless and I threw. I threw for what seemed like days, as my mind raced through what just happened. My fingers burned, my arms were tired. I thought he was dead. I have never been through something like that. I hadn’t even spoken yet.

All I could do is throw.

I have a new respect for yoyoing now. It doesn’t just kill boredom or impress friends. It comforts. It protects.

I don’t know what I would do without it.

I feel like that too sometimes. When i am mad, what do i do? Throw. When i am sad? Throw.

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Wow. That’s a major thing to happen to you. I’m sorry. No one close to me has died or been close to dying yet. I’m not sure what I’d do if anything like that happened to me.

My dad has epilepsy and I had similar feelings when I saw him have a seizure when I was 10 hone alone with him. Though i wasn’t throwing then. Throwing definitely comforts me at times as well.

Yeah, like, Angry Person, picks up yoyo, is forced to calm down to land a trick.

Wow that scary what happened to your dad… And this why my dad just gets his hair cut to make it look like he has more hair on the top of head than whats really there.

I’ve had two grandparents die and it’s hard. Throwing is a great comfort, crutch, calmer, and impresser. I hope (and pray) that your father does ok (as in things like that don’t happen again) Hang in there Nard!

Well he tried going the rest of the day without the drugs and was in quite a bit of pain. So far things don’t seem too well. Hopefully he will be able to cope with it, or find an alternative since he does not want to take the drug anymore.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts, you guys help more than you think. I guess most of it was just being startled, it all happened so fast.