I'm Sorry, Ive had enough

Sorry guys, I tried getting back into this yoyoing thing, I tried but I can’t. yoyo’s aren’t as fun as they used to be, and quite frankly I don’t see the point in yoyoing any more if I am never going to be good as ‘the greats’ I cant think of one thing that i have gained in yoyoing. I have lost couple hundred bucks on a couple of peices of metal, hours DAYS of my time, and all potential chance of getting a girlfriend before the age of 35. I have been trying to be back on this forum, and help or offer some wit, but its not the same as I started.

Thank you to whoever helped me waste my time
this will be my last post

~ Raph


^BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love that movie!!!

Ouch. That sucks. Why would you waste all that talent? :’(
Yeah, my main drive is to be as good as one of the great throwers. One day… :’(

I hope this is some April’s fools thing, because this thread is just stupid.


I’m pretty sure its an April fools joke.

luvya seeya bye… :wink:

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Ya’ sure right. :wink:

i actually feel the same just a little bit though



Idk what yer talkin bout… Yoyoin gets me ladies 8)


THANK GOD! he has finally left, took him long enough. I really didn’t like him, he acted like such a spilled beverage, now this forum will finally be fun.

what ever ya say, raphael :wink:

ooh i just realized your fave throw, april, is im not gone…

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haha actually, my cousin met his girlfriend by yoyoing