I'm One of The YoyoExpert Winter Giveaway's Grand Prize Winner!

Everything is awesome!


They put one of the yoyo’s in the other yoyo’s box, and so the other yoyo was in the other yoyo’s box, so I had to switch their boxes after the video recorded. Not naming the yoyo on here so I don’t spoil the video. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you get a triumph?

Yes, the Triumph was in the Barricuda box, while the Barricuda was in the Triumph box, they had it switched around.

UGH why does the universe keep reminding me that I want a Barracuda and didn’t win anything from the cards >:(

Lol, seriously though, congrats man, I’m glad a forum member at least won one of the grand prizes

Always next year mate! Keep trying.

Also does anybody know what kind of Hayabusa I got? I can’t seem to find any information on that particular style, all white and flames. I am thinking it was some kind of special edition.

Yeah, and hopefully I run into a spare $70 before Duncan runs out of their sale on the current generation barracuda ;D

YYE’s infographic thing says its a Higby Hayabusa, so it seems to be a player model

I read somewhere that it is the last line-ups that are on sale, once it’s over then that means it’s all gone. They are remodeling and restyling the Barracuda and I don’t know when the new ones will come out.

EDIT: That’s kind of odd, the Torque and Echo also doesn’t look like the normal ones for sale, maybe they’re limited edition types too? No wonder why I can’t figure them out, they have no engraving stating that they were a Torque and Echo.

Dude congrats you deserve it!!! The Echo 2 you got (of which I am the most jealous out of all your winnings) is the Unengraved Ninja Turtles Version. Soooooo jealous cause the colorway is green ::). The Torque is in an exclusive colorway called “Old Skool”

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Thanks mate, any reason why they call it Ninja Turtles version?

congratulations ledave!!! that prize looks awesome!

Thanks for the congrats again you guys. After research, I found out that the Counter-weights set come with the Freehand MG. I also I found out that the Torque, Echo, and Hayabusa are limited editions.


Probably cause the greenish hue = turtle skin and the red/whatever else splashes on it rep. the ninja bands they wear on there eyes. I love that yoyo. If you don’t want it you know who to PM xD ::slight_smile:

Nice haul. Congrats.

Awesome man

oh wow,im happy someone actttually won something,very lucky dude,congrats,if you ever wanna spread the love,pm me about selling that triumph yet again Congrats

Thanks again guys.

I also want to say… Wow my accent is quite bad, I was born and raised here in the States, lived in Minnesota all my life. However you can obviously tell I am Asian, I sound like I am fresh off the boat by saying as-some instead of awesome.

Massive congratulations man, you got a really nice haul indeed. Made me chuckle that the Triumph was in a Barracuda box, that was pretty unexpected. ;D

Really glad that we got to see someone on these forums winning a big prize like that (and a great chap no less). Thanks for taking the time to make the unboxing video so we could share in the excitement. :slight_smile:

All good man! I am Asian myself

Haha, I haven’t watched the video with sound since I usually prowl the forum at work, but I am born and raised in Texas, and when I moved to El Paso, the population is predominantly Mexican and hispanic American, so I got my central Texas accent to go away about 80% and sound non-regional, so no matter what, accents stick with you :stuck_out_tongue: Plus every time I hear someone with even a typical old regular southern accent for more than just a few words, my accent comes back in full force and REALLY stands out here in EP