I'm just weary…


Is it wrong I just have very little verve left to sit through tonight’s presidential debate? I’ve just exhausted my stamina for this partisan contention.


Ehh, I feel politics are one of those types of things that only gets worse the more you get into it. I’ll watch a debate, but the instant I become uninterested, I stop watching. No need to watch them duke it out for an hour straight. And it’s not like one of them is going to blow up the USA. Whoever wins, wins. The President doesn’t have as much power as most people generally believe.

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Now, now, just take this once in a life time opportunity to watch as these two show how well they can spew out answers that answer nothing, directly to the public! They can talk for hours without saying anything! A proud moment for America.

Actually I’m watching off and on. It is a bit tiresome in my opinion.


As I’m watching this it just seems contemporary debates have deteriorated to petty, sophomoric partisan bickering with the candidates sniping at one another like juvenile siblings. After they’re done neither one looks presidential.

This certainly is not the Kennedy/Nixon debate.


It gets tiring sitting through and listening to all the back and forth trying to glean some kind of actual knowledge of what they both want to do. I’m in the Navy, so I will be DIRECTLY effected by who is elected as they have very different ideas of what to do with me and my brothers in arms. It makes for interesting discussion with the people I work with trying to guess what country we will be in according to whoever wins lol.


These two do not even answer the questions put to them. They just race off down the bunny trails of their own idiosyncratic diatribes. My ears are bleeding.


Sorry for the double post, but it is the next day.

I just wanted to say to Navythrow, Welcome Aboard! I don’t recall that I have seen you around before and wanted to give you a special shout out.

It makes me proud to know there are sailors serving our country with a yo-yo in their hand. You’re a true American my friend.



I think these debates have been pretty good so far. With the availability of real time fact checking (politifact) and all of the other resources available for us to check up on what’s being said it’s our own faults if we don’t get any information from these debates.