I'm Feelin' Good :)

I challenged myself to get back into the game and learn new tricks.

I set out with 1 rule: Master Level :slight_smile: and a few other neat-looking ones :slight_smile:

First day decision, finished learning Yuuki Slack, and I’m starting to get consistent and smooth :slight_smile:

Learned Mondial, for demonstration purposes, and the neat pot that I love.

Today, I asked my friend Gaddy, to pick one of the 4, and I’ll learn it:
And Whut
White Buddha

He picked And Whut, and after 3 brutal hours (Mainly figuring out which string to pull in the first triangle), I’ve done it! and it’s much more consistent than Yuuki Slack, minus the pop, which I’m still working on making smoother.

So, I’m feeling good :slight_smile:

To keep this on topic, anybody else accomplish something similar recently?

nice to hear the development.

i learn my self a hop trick today.

Which one?

I just learned Pop N Fresh…I finally found a good tutorial for it. :slight_smile:

just made up myself.
Honestly, its hard for me to learn trick from people. So i just like to made up my own trick.

That’s what I’ve been doing for about 5 months, but I finally decided to ditch the self-reliance as far as tricks are concerned, because I’m looking for elements for tricks, and I know master level ones have tons of cool elements.