Your "Boss-Like" Moment.

Ever have that feeling when you just landed a trick that you’ve been trying for days? What trick was it? I know mine was when I did my first Boing E Boing. I was so excited! When was one of your “Boss Like” moments? Whether it would be doing a hard trick on a first try or finally landing that trick you’ve been trying for weeks.

And Whut.

This trick is just so satisfying when you get it solid.

Follow into a Brent Stole


first time landing an Iwasawa Tower Laceration.
^ ^

This, Superman, and Yuuki Slack.

Finishing my freestyle at PNWR. I felt really good about it!

My first kwijibo!

Me, too. It was rad.

Also my first Spirit Bomb. Since I only recently got it consistent, I still love nailing that one with authority.

First set of consecutive Jade Whips where the loop was all flowy and smooth.

Kwyjibo and boingy boing… when i first landed a smooth, kinda fast kwyjibo it felt great and i randomly banged out a boingy boing out of nowhere, those 2 moments were great :slight_smile:

I wanted to see how many hops I could put together once, and I really worked on it because I thought it would be really cool looking.

So, I went double or nothing, bounced half black hops back to trapeze, did full black hops, and finished with kwijibo, and I managed to pull it off with no hesitations so the yoyo did nothing but bounce the whole time

I’m not really that good even now, so that combo made my week. I still can’t really land that reliably at all.

Also, i was trying to land a double laceration, which i couldnt do at the time, and i ended up in a double brent stole. I was baffled.

Well of course i can do a triple brent stole now with consitensy but… :wink:

4 consecutive eli hops> dismount> skybind …

haven’t been able to do it again…

Grandma Kimmit Sandwich

Landed Bear Strangle the other day.

I strangled a bear with a string. It was pretty boss. Then I saw my crush at the ice cream parlour and ate dinosaur chicken nuggets and then I found out I got bonus points of my history test for putting ninja stickers on it. MLIA

When I nailed the radioactive picture trick(my variation)

when i got my first jade whip.Whats so great about that? it was in front of like 10 people when we had company!



I’ve made a lot of tricks in my day, but the most difficult trick I have ever accomplished was the offstring Moebius trick known as “Gravity Break”. That was about 3 years ago I think.

It was like triumph happened.


got it yesterday for the first time! Aso Spirit Bomb another trick i invented, but couldn’t do.