The happiest moments when you finally landed a very challenging tricks


Mine was Brent Stole couples of minutes ago


Boing e boing after a couple of months


My first Bind made me so darn happy.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #4

You’re going to laugh but: One of the most memorable moments for me, as a kid, the first time I landed trapeze on my Duncan Imperial. I worked so hard for that moment and it was totally worth it. I still remember it and value it more than many other tricks I have since learned. No internet, no tutorials, no help, just saw Tom Smothers do it on TV and knew I had to learn it.

That was a great day for me! ;D


I feel you man. :slight_smile:

I learned trapeze on a wooden fixed axle… Best moment ever!

I was like, “Dad! Look!”


Learned gyroscopic flop


When I finally got Jensen’s “Yoyos Are Stupid And I Hate Them” combo. I always wanted to learn that tricks, and when I hit it it was the most exciting thing in my yoyo life.

(Owen) #8

When I threw away all my yoyos and quit throwing was a good time.


When I learned spirit bomb after a bagillion years. I tried…failed. Then just tried from memory a year later and got it. Also mostly tricks I make up. I really only make up tricks I can barely do myself for some reason.


I know what you mean , i was messing of stuff , praticing my skills with some whip and slack then somehow , i accidentally ended up in a cross arm trapeze .

At that point , i kept trying it over and over again and now is a cool way to start kwijibo instead of doing trapeze :))