I'm aslo lookin' ahead in this Yo-yo.

The Speeder :smiley:

1.) In those people (here) who own Speeder, tell me how it plays. (Shaved O-ring and Stock bearing)

2.) DO you experience problems with the speeder? (From out in the box?, Wobble, vibe, etc.)

3.) Can it do some finger grinds?

I use to own one, then I gave it to my brother, and he traded it.

But I can still answer the questions. :slight_smile:

1.Amazing. A shaved O-Ring isn’t even 100% neccesary, but it never hurts.

  1. Not really for me, but for some people

  2. Yes.

Hey paolo! :smiley: (gm user)

1.) Does it have same gap width and size speedmaker?

2.) I read some topics here bout “Speeder cracks” How to/do you deal with it?

and another…

I think that’s what people call “Bent”

My speedmaker is kinda slant. I mean you gonna hold it hard to make it straight. level with each other.

Duh. I mean :D, The other side of the yo-yo is like touching to the other surface of the other part of my speedmaker.

(Just really don’t answer if you really don’t understand my question/problem. :D)

As a matter of fact. Is plays good even with that problem. :smiley:

The Speeder is all right. Not a big deal though, IMO. It spins long enough, but I would much rather get a Counter Attack or save up a little more for a Dv888.

Speeder is a great yoyo, but after a while it gets very noisy.

I own both a Speeder and Speed Maker.

  1. It has a different (larger) Gap width and it is ever so slightly larger and wider. (1-3mm difference on diameter and width.

  2. It may crack at the bearing seat but as long as you don’t hit anything, you should be fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Yeah, the Speed Maker has such an even weight distribution, it does a lot of processions and plane-ing. You need to really get your throw down to keep it level. The Speeder doesn’t do it.