I'm a new yoyoer, need help with my K1

I have had my K1 for about 3 weeks, I have worked some issues out like over responsiveness, cleaning, and lubing, but I have some others I need help with. My bearing will not stay on the spacers ( I think?) and fall off almost immediately. My string also falls in between the bearing and yoyo every few throws. I think I broke it without knowing, or it came bad. Either way I’m saving up for a Replay Pro, but I want it to be funtional, Thanks! ;D

I assume you are talking about the MagicYoyo K1. That yoyo doesn’t have any spacers I know of, but like every yoyo it has a bearing seat in which you need to make sure you fully plant the bearing in before screwing the two halves together. Since the yoyo has a concave bearing, the string should most likely stay in the middle and shouldn’t fall between the bearing and the yoyo. I would post a picture of it so others can see if they can offer better help.


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Take pictures of the bearing seat with the bearing on, and without the bearing, also how the string slipping between looks like.

Sorry for the quality, I’m not really sure what I needed to take a picture of.

Hmm strange, it doesn’t seem like there is any problem. Try pushing the response pad (blue rubber ring) deeper, it seems like it’s starting to peel off. Also make sure everything is assembled and tightened properly (put the yoyo on your palm and twist with your other hand to tighten, when it slips on your palm it’s tight enough). See the raised plastic part between the room for the bearing and response pad? that part is supposed to keep the string from slipping, make sure that it’s tight on both sides.
In the third picture, do you put the string there on purpose, or do you play it first normally before it slips between the bearing and the yoyo by itself?

Looks like you have the responsive version of it since it has the half spec. So it could be the design of K1 causes there to be a slight gap between the bearing and the seat.
Your options

  1. Easy fix use a thicker string
  2. Buy a concave bearing
  3. Buy a different yoyo
    A) YYE sells a YYF one starter kit that includes both regular and half spec bearings so you can go from responsive to unresponsive
    B) buy any starter unresponsive yoyo


Oh now I see it, in the second picture, there is a gap between the bearing and the yoyo, it shouldn’t be like that on most other yoyos.
Also see if the other side also have this gap after everything is assembled.
If my intuition is right, it ‘might’ be that the axle is designed for C bearing yet it comes with half spec bearing, so maybe the axle is too long keeping the yoyo from being fully assembled.
Did you by any chance flipped the axle the other way? sometimes the taper hole is not made equal, so when you flipped the axle it may actually goes in shallower/deeper than before.

I uscrewed the yoyo and the pad popped right out. I followed your instructions and made sure it was put back together correctly. I played with the yoyo until it slipped in on its own, and I did flip the axle and it got stuck :-\ . I traded my friend a kendama for a brand new Magic Yoyo N9, its like riding a bycycle then driving a car. Kinda unrelated but what string should I buy?

Yeah it’s probably the axle, either try to remove it carefully or just get a full size C bearing.

I use 100% poly for pretty much everything.

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