If YoYos could talk....

If your YoYos could talk, what would they say to you?

My DM2 would probably tell me to stop whacking it against stuff…
My 888x would probably tell me to stop whacking it against stuff…
My X-Con would thank me for never whacking it against anything! :slight_smile:

Mine would probly all say: “Oi, fat boy…play with me more”…

my grind machine would tell me to fix its hubstacks!

I think most of my collection would be spewing hate in the direction of my DM2, which gets most of the attention.

My Steamroller would be throwing death threats at me.

My yoyos would tell me to give them a break.

Others would tell me stop giving them a break (It hurts, they say).

I bet you guys are CRACKING up at this PUNNY joke! ;D

99% of them would be angry because I haven’t played them in over a week

Imagine about 120 voices singing this in unison:



“weeeeeeeeeeee, weeeeeeeee, weeeeeeee”!

I feel… A bit… Dizzy… Barf… Woah! I have a new splash!

Diced carrots and tomato skins over medium brown acid wash. Yeah, that’s a colorway!

“Stop feeding me vegetables… I’m a frikken YoYo!”

That would look, well, interesting.

Happy Father’s Day to you, good sir.

My DM2 would spew profanity for my bad habit of throwing on concrete and my failed attempts at offstring. Again, on concrete.

My Gelada and Drop Bear would be hiding in a corner as all my other throws conspire against them since they have become my favs!

either " GET BETTER" or something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7rwY9cqabc


My noctu would ask me why he was born so messed up…
My Hotshot(yes I bought one…) would ask my why I left it outside for two weeks in the rain… On purpose

Mine would say “why are you selling me?”

“Quit causing tension between me and string”

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