If you use Facebook, can you please join this discussion?

So, I deleted my FB profile almost 5 years ago now, and I have some questions for those of you who do still use it.

  1. Are you a part of any private groups?
  2. What is that like? Like, is it different from just regular FB?
  3. Are the private groups set up like a forum? Like with mods and categories and stuff?

Use to be, but quit it a few months ago. I was apart of a few groups, notably kinda funny. They all normally have mods, and depending on the group do a great job keeping out riff raff. Make sure you read the their rules though, so you know if you’re in a place that you want to deal with. Threads aren’t like how they are here. It’s facebook and posts are in their feed like a Facebook post. There’s ways to manage what you see, but in a bigger group it can be a pain. Ultimately, I left all of it because all the super dumb stuff on there was extremely depressing me, and I needed a break.


Private groups have mods, they aren’t really any different from public groups.

It’s not set up like a forum, there’s a feed just like regular Facebook feed.


The only reason I have a Facebook is for business marketing and being a part of the yoyobst. Other than that Facebook blows


I mainly use it for event dates, yoyo bst, and Asian memes.

I use messenger too but I don’t really use fb for discussion. Not because “ERMAGERD FB SUCKS AND TOXIC AF” but because I don’t think it’s the best place for regular discussion like a forum. Forums, IG, FB, Reddit, they all have their place and their pros and cons.


I really only use FB to keep track of birthdays and for the yoyo BST there. I try to ignore pretty much everything else (except the occasional cute animal video that pops up).

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FB BSTs are pretty good. The mods are pretty active and respond/manage issues pretty quick. I like following the company pages (G2, OD, and even Coffin from OYY) to get the latest drop info. I see a lot of gems pop up there that never make it here. Otherwise, I just follow family and a couple of friends and ignore the rest.


I use Fb mainly to message my friends, to make plans and stuff. We never talk on the phone, just Fb.

I use facebook…mainly because some of my iphone apps and games give me perks for doing so.
I only have 1 facebook friend…and that’s my mom (been missing her something fierce today). No interest in adding anymore.
I am a part of a few groups…including a couple of yo-yo groups and a couple of local groups where people post stuff they have for sale (I live in a small town).

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I am a part of a few private accounts for my restaurant. The one I most frequently visit is a “foodie” group that does a lot of restaurant reviews in the town my restaurant is in. They are in no way different from regular accounts, other than the fact that there are group administrators. The format is the same, but the admins have control on what can be posted/removed. So I guess they can be more regulated and controlled if the admins are actively watching.


I haven’t deleted my profile. But I don’t read/post on FB very much ever. It’s just not what I’m looking for as far as “community” either in my real life or in my hobbies.

That said, there are some good groups there. I don’t like the interface nearly as much as a real “forum” interface, but the information can still be good if the group/mods are good and active.

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I have an account. Very rarely used, with minimal personal info, some of it bogus. Just keep it in order to see some things that require a login from time to time.