Groups and Friends


There should be groups on YYE forums.




There are…
Administrator, Global Moderator, Forum eXpert and Professional.




I don’t need friends. I just need yoyos.

My yoyos won’t ever leave me… snap string… get back here!!

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That’s why i change my string daily.


They should have normal person as one and then weirdos like Pat could be listed as weirdos. just kidding


Great, then I gotta hang out with Pat.

Wait, is that a bad thing?

I spend 95% of my professional life working with weirdos. Then again, I work in entertainment.


HAY! you gotta list me under weirdos too!


But like groups that is managed by some people. Not like moderators and stuff like that. Just normal people groups


For my line of work, weirdos are normal people. Normal people are weirdos.

(I hang with extremely strange people)


nah, I don’t think we really need something like that. The whole point of the forum is for you to get help or to show off your yoyo stuff, not to get together with people. I think.
Besides, whats the point of making groups. I hardly believe groups would make anyone famous in the forum or something. And making groups might make things complex.

There, I don’t think we need anymore kind of group or any special position in this forum.


One of the other forums I moderate has groups based on the number of posts a user makes. Nobody really pays attention to it.

Simple is good.

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In my opinion, that is majorly messed up. That means that if Hiroyuki Suzuki gets on a forum like **** ******, he’ll be called a noob, and we all know he isn’t a noob.

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I prefer “prodigy”


I’m a moderator on the AmericanDJ forum(and I’m not a DJ). Tell Mickey to swing on by!

As I said, nobody really pays attention to those rankings. It’s more amusement than anything. It was added to add an element of passive entertainment if people wanted to check it out.

But, regarding if it was a yoyo forum and someone like Mickey came by to stay, well, there’s no doubt he’d be a forum noob, but a yoyo beast. There’s also plenty of other “seasoned throwers” coming yo YYE and other yoyo forums all the time. All are welcome, regardless of skill level.