If you throw the yoyo too hard does it automatically come back up?

Hi. I just got into yoyoing. I bought a very cheap yoyo, and I’m not sure if there is a problem with it or not…

The problem is this: If I throw the yoyo too hard, it comes right back up. I would imagine that this is doesn’t happen with more quality yoyos, so you can maximize the trick time. Still, not actually sure though…

So, what is going on?


Many would really enjoy helping you with this issue. It could be a very simple solution. Please provide more information pictures would help, name and type of yo-yo, type of string being used? Many will respond

It sounds there are two possible problems. 1. it is the yoyo. the yoyo needs to have a good bearing for it to spin well, if it was a cheap yoyo it may not have a bearing but a fixed axle. Many people assume they are bad at yoyo but really it is the yoyo they are using

Once you make sure you have a good yoyo. then make sure to throw the yoyo in a way that you don’t accidently tug the string at the end of your throw

For reference There are unresponsive and responsive yoyo’s. unresponsive yoyos don’t come back unless you bind.

If the yo-yo you are throwing is a responsive yo-yo then it is supposed to come back with a tug, and if you throw them too hard they will absolutely come back at you. It really sounds to me like this is what’s going on. This could be confirmed by telling us what kind of yo-yo you are using.

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The problem is a skill issue and will go away with practice.


99% chance its that you are still learning to throw. Best you could do is post a video or something.

Yoyo is deceptively simple and much if it is muscle memory.

  1. Your string tension could be too tight, making it harder to sleep. String twnsion management is always a thing.

  2. You could be pulling on the yoyo without realizing, causing it to respond.

  3. Its hard to see, but when you throw really hard you sort of have to cushion the yoyos fall a bit. Its very subtle but its there.

I am sure there are videos on how to properly throw out there. Check them out.

If its nonw of those, then yeah maybe posting a video of it happening would help more.


Short answer when you throw too hard you’re also throwing too crooked and not reacting fast enough to absorb the bounce at the end of the string. Practice will get you better at controlling your throw and cushioning your throw so you can throw harder and not have the yoyo return abruptly.


Hi, sorry for the late reply. Here is my yoyo:

I took a couple vids but they can’t be posted on here because of the formatting, will have to try on my phone to see if that works.

Anyway, it seems like most people on here say that the issue is generally about cushioning the throw, though one poster said it could be a string tension issue… if it was this, how would I go about diagnosing and fixing this?

Thank you, will try to post video soon.

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Also, this is an image of my string:

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