help with my neew yoyo?

I just got my journey in the mil and its my first yoyo. Ive been trying to get it to come back up for about an hour. Ive watched the first section of videos but they didnt help. I can usually throw a sleeper, but sometimes it spins sideways or does a UFO type movement. When i pull up it rarely ever comes back to me, and when it does the string is knotted or tangled around the bearing. Can anyone here help me?

hey! after i posted this i got it! but only once, so it still doesnt help much

it was just luck

Make sure the string is around the bearing, not next to it. Also, make sure your sleepers are strong and straight. If you throw a bad sleeper, it is a waste. Just practice throws and watch the beginner vids. After some practice, you’ll get it. It might take a while, but don’t get discouraged, it will get really fun soon. :wink:

Make sure you “Snap” your wrists. Also make sure the yoyo is as tight as possible. Just make sure it staight first, not power. There are things called unresponsive yoyos where they are not made to come back up. But a journy should not do that, but if it refuses to come back try to “bind”

Thanks! I realized my sleepers werent straight enough. When i started throwing straighter i was so surrisd that i didnt catch it and it just bounced off my hand ;D

Congrats! And welcome to YoYoExpert :slight_smile: