If you could...

If you could be a part of or sponsored by any yoyo company which company would it be, also if you were part of that company what would your starting throw be at contests?

VSNYYC and i would throw a skywalker

General-yo - mini-star

3yo3 - Bass Line

I wouldn’t really want to be sponsored, but that may change.

I do know for sure that I would want to throw a PunchLine, such a legit throw.

probably either

Werrd- Irony, pacquaio, my own signature yoyo.
CLYW- Gnarwhal, BvM, my own signature yoyo

CLYW - Peak :smiley: or bassalope.


VsNYYC - Skywalker

CLYW-Wooly Marmot, Peak

General-Yo-Ministar, Hatrick

General-Yo: Hatrick
YoYoFactory: Genesis or MVP
Turning Point: Leviathan
SPYY: Pure

Never General-Yo. Ever.

Haha nice :smiley:

General-Yo: Hatrick
CLYW: Marmot
1Drop: P2
3Y03: Collabricon

Spyy Pro or maybe the new Stryker 8)

YoYoJam & SR-71 of course

aww come on . . . . :smiley: