If you could only keep one yoyo from your collection

If you could only keep one yoyo from your collection… which throw would that be and why???


My MYY Silencer. My first unresponsive. It’s plays great, and learning unresponsive change me. I love this throw. KayEsPea :two_hearts: MYY Silencer


For Sure MARKMONT Classic…it will never strip. You can change weight dramatically from 60g-72g, has an IRG and Spike for Matador and it’s the best Monometal Performer IMO :facepunch::slightly_smiling_face:


Powder-coated white VTWO:


What is this?

Oh man… this is an insanely hard question. I feel if you forced me to answer, I’d tell you my YYF Butter that my girlfriend got me for our 2nd year anniversary. Probably the most sentimental value and I feel like it’s one of the best, if not the best yoyo I have as well. I have different ways of answering this question tho too, depending on how you ask it.

From PURELY a collectible standpoint, I searched too hard and waited too long to get my Gold Grail to let it go. It was my “white whale” yoyo I thought I might never get.

From PURELY a performance standpoint, I gotta go with my Hummingbird. Pretty self explanatory.

If sentimental value or performance is a non factor, and I just wanted one enjoyable yoyo to use for the rest of my life, I’d probably go with the OD panorama. It’s the yoyo I’ve been picking up the most lately and already a modern classic. And if I had to choose a favorite mono metal, that’d probably be it.

But man… giving up my Hatrick might be one of the hardest things ever, considering it was my first high end metal yoyo and there’s so much nostalgia attached to it, given that I picked it up at my first Nationals contest in 2009.


Must me nice! Will have to give this one a try

Love my markmont classic so much! Definitely one is the best monometals in my opinion

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It’s beautiful!! Why this one?

I mean. Honestly. Even though it almost knocked me out. If I’d wasn’t for this one I may not have continued. The sentimental value of it for me is too much. Lol

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I’m a simple man, I’ll keep the my current favourite yoyo, which is the OPYOYOS Spright.

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Love the response! I need to try the butter… seems like a fantastic yoyo

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Spright must be really good. I’ve been wanting to try one

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Great response. Been loving the myy z01 focus

Just look at my avatar :wink::wink:

How about you @Theycallmecotton ?


It’s a awesome yoyo. It ventures where no light yoyos have ventured so far, which is appealing to the masses. Light yoyo fanatics may not like it because it doesn’t feel all that light and floaty, but the Spright is made so that people who aren’t a fan of light yoyos can enjoy it as well as it feels more solid and stable, thanks to a massive 2/3 of its weight being in the rims.


Is that a raw Kraken?

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What is that? And why that one? Mine would most likely be the Inception by few and far between yoyos or the Duality by Damian Puckett. Would be a hard choice and probably be solved by a coin flip…I love organics and I love performance. The Inception is a beast and plays just like I like but its not an organic. The duality plays similar and gives you the absolute best of both worlds in my opinion. Its a bimetal organic, fun, plays right between floaty and stable and offers a ton of performance.


Top Deck. Because Top Deck.


I wish I had that version of the Kraken :disappointed::disappointed: :fire::fire: